Revelation - an altar experience

God is always on the alert, constantly on the lookout for people who are totally committed to him.
(2 Chronicles 16:9)

Sometimes we slip back into our old way of operating in life even after revelation has come.  This is usually because we do not apply ourselves to what has been revealed to us.  We "void" the revelation by not trusting in it, not being obedient to it, or simply just not fully receiving it in the first place.

God never really asks much of us when it comes to revealing himself to us.  He simply ask us to be willing to change.  This encompasses the idea of being willing to present ourselves to him, allowing him to point out where change is need, and then allowing him to ignite that change within.  Along the way, he gives us all we need to accomplish that change - we simply need to remain in the place of obedience.

When we present ourselves to God - in total commitment - we are placing our "self" on the altar and then we back away from the altar.  Too many times, we stick around the altar hoping to rescue some part of "self" back.  God only affects what we give him access to - if we give him total access, he will accomplish the purpose of the altar.

The outcome of the altar is determined by whose hands are handling the sacrifice - if our hands are all over the sacrifice, never allowing God's hands to take control, the evidence of the altar will be limited to our abilities.  If God's hands are on the sacrifice of self - we can depend on never being the same again.  Life in our own hands is a series of disasters, at best.  Life in the hands of God is victory, glory, and a thing of honor.

Some of us depend of "good philosophy" more than we depend on the Word of God - especially as it applies to placing ourselves on the altar.  Generally, a philosophy is the sum total of what you know - what is important to you.  We can go through life depending on the philosophy of life we have developed.  This leaves us short of a full revelation of truth - we have only trusted in some facts, but don't have all the facts we need to make trustworthy decisions with our lives.

Truth must be revealed - but it must also be applied if it is to affect any change in our lives.  If we are faithful to apply the revelation of truth that God gives to us, we will find God rewarding that loyalty.  Sometimes we make the revelation of God's truth so complicated - thinking it could not be simple, easily understood, or practical.  Despite our opinion of the revelation of God's truth, it is usually quite practical - God does not thrive on complicating our lives!  

One closing thought - revelation without application of what is revealed is meaningless.  Christianity is not for the weak-willed.  It takes some work on our part (paying attention, listening obediently, responding faithfully).  God is on the lookout for the one who is committed to him in this way.  In turn, he has a greater revelation of himself than we ever imagined.  Dig in and see what God has for you at the altar today.


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