In the beginning

1-2First this: God created the Heavens and Earth—all you see, all you don't see. Earth was a soup of nothingness, a bottomless emptiness, an inky blackness. God's Spirit brooded like a bird above the watery abyss. 
(Genesis 1:1-2)

I awoke this morning thinking about God's creation - all he has formed, all that exists, and all that no longer exists.  Things, people, and trends - all have a tendency to come and all will go.  As I reflected on the "Genesis Story" - the record of creation - I marveled at the awesome order in which God put things together.  Consider this:
  • Light and Darkness - the first to be created.  Why?  Well, it is pretty obvious - without light, the rest could not be appreciated.  That is the way it is in our lives - without the light of Christ shining bright in our hearts, there is no fullness of appreciation of what he has done.
  • Sky and Sea - has it ever occurred to you what a miracle it is that the oceans stay where they are - separated from the sky and not just "flying around" willy nilly?  I have sailed the Atlantic, Pacific and Caribbean - each unique in its own way.  I have flown the skies high above clouds, hardly able to make out much below other than shape and form.  The sky and all contained in it governs the ebb and tide of the oceans.  The radiant warmth of the sun's rays makes the day evident and the night's moon reminds us of the presence of the sun even when it is not seen.  Jesus is the reflected image of our Heavenly Father that we cannot see.  
  • Waters and Land - separate, but joined.  Each existing for a different purpose - each supporting the other.  Just as the waters and land are separated, yet joined, so it is with us - we are separated from this world, but joined to it by our very existence as part of the human race.  We are called to be the light that radiates into the world.  There is no hope for the world without the joining influence of Christ.
  • Trees and Plants - each bearing fruit in their unique way.  God has a plan with all created things - it is to bear fruit in their unique way.  What is the fruit that God is bringing forth in your life?  It is meant for a purpose on this earth.
  • Lights in the Sky - Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets, Galaxies - we know not the depth or breadth of what he created in the galaxies.  We only see a fraction.  So it is with what we know of Christ - we see in part what we will one day behold in all its majesty and glory.
  • Fish and Birds - one to inhabit the skies, one to inhabit the waters.  Nothing is to be devoid of life - all are to be filled.  Each serves a unique purpose - each has a unique role.  The birds spread seed, the fish clean the ocean's floors.  What is your role in God's creation - are you fulfilling the unique place he has called you into existence for?
  • All the Animals - more than we could comprehend - every creature alive, every creature no longer in existence - all by his hand tenderly formed and uniquely placed.  Each supporting the other in what we call the "circle of life".  
  • Last, but certainly not least - human life!  All he had created, placed in the hands of his final creative work - us!  All to be enjoyed by us, all to be respected by us, all to be cared for by us.  Not worshiped - enjoyed.  Not idolized - respected and cared for.
Sometimes we blow by the creation story with the quickest glance at the words contained on the pages - oblivious to the unique order, the specific purpose of each phase, and the outstanding glory of what he created.  Each aspect of creation reflects him - his light, his glory, his life, his power - think about it.  See the Genesis Story through the eyes of one who is placed specifically in the midst of it all - to enjoy it, to learn of God from it, to know he exists because of it.

In the beginning...God created all things.  Even you and me!  We are his unique creations - made for a purpose, created by his specific plan, included in his vision of the creation story!  


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