5 Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart;
   a wise person draws from the well within. 
(Proverbs 20:5)

There is a tendency to "over-think" things today.  We "work" a solution until it is what some call "fool-proof" and then we might take the steps to put it into action.  I find that I am more spontaneous than that - I like to try something before the idea has a chance to grow mold!  Most of the time, I come out all right.  There are occasional flops, but for the most part, the "spontaneous" solution was just as good as the "fool-proof" plan.

Now, don't get me wrong - there is a time for planning and not every half-baked idea is a good one!  I am no fool.  There is a well that lies deep within that we each can draw from when we need an immediate solution to a problem life deals us.  Whenever we take the steps to do exactly what God has reminded us to do in his Word, we are creating a deeper well to draw from.  What are those steps? Glad you asked!
  • First, we must hide his word in our hearts.  That is more than just memorizing chapter and verse.  It is allowing the word of God to get deep into the core of our being - through study, meditation, and application of the word.  When we need to call upon the lessons we have learned, they will be there as guiding influences.
  • Second, we must allow the Holy Spirit to take up residence in our lives.  We are given the gift of the Holy Spirit at the point of our conversion.  There is a very distinctive act - a point in time - when we invite him to truly "fill us" to overflowing with his presence.  At that point, there is a definite "infilling" of our lives with the power to live for Jesus.
  • Third, we must engage with the Holy Spirit to see the fruits produced within that only he has the power to bring forth.  Fruit such as affection for others that stems from an attitude that is not simply focused on what WE can get out of the relationship, but is committed to being a blessing in the lives of others.  The fruit of the Spirit is evidence of the work of Christ in our lives.
When a believer allows these things to occur, there is a well of "wealth" to draw from when the time arises.  We look upon that person and call him "wise" because his every action seems to be "well-planned".  In fact, you are probably just witnessing the person living life with lots of "dips in the well" of faith.  They have frequented the "well of life" (Jesus) and now they have a "reliable well" to draw from when life hands them challenging moments.

Wells require some work, though.  They must first be dug in a place where there is hope for the flow of water.  That is why we "dig into" Jesus. Then they must be dug deep because the waters that come from deeper down are purer and much more refreshing.  They must be accessed - no well serves its purpose if it is just there for "wishing"!  

Become a "well-digger" today - you will be amazed how many times you will "tap into" the refreshing, reviving, and rejuvenation of the "well of life".


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