Who done it?

I love to read - my favorite venue being mystery.  I like the suspense of seeing the plot unfold until you discover the "who done it" at the end!  By definition, a mystery is anything (or anyone) which presents features or qualities so obscure as to arouse our curiosity.  The "fun" comes in unraveling the obscure features.  I think God likes mysteries, too!

5 Just as you'll never understand the mystery of life forming in a pregnant woman, so you'll never understand the mystery at work in all that God does. (Ecclesiastes 11:5 The Message)

God is at work all around us - in today's moments - unveiling little by little the elements of his "mystery" in us and through us.  

Did you ever wonder why God sometimes takes a great deal of time unveiling his mystery in us?  For one thing, we probably could not handle the whole thing if it was revealed in one great "dump of data" into our finite brains!  More importantly, I think God may just be developing our "curiosity" for more of his mystery to be revealed in us - getting our brains in line with our heart, our emotions in line with his Word, and our spirit in tune with his!  He is almost moving us step-by-step so we come to a place of heightened anticipation until we finally "get it"!

Some think of a mystery as a "puzzle" of sorts - something to be "figured out".  Let me caution you here - God's unveiling of himself in us - the re-creating of our character from one of sinful hardness into one of yielded gentleness is not something we will ever "figure out"!  I have walked a good many years with Christ and I still don't know how he orchestrates some of the change in my life, but he does!

The fact remains - God IS at work in us!  In his mysterious ways, he is bringing us into a place of understanding him more.  He reveals elements of his character, in turn this revelation begins to impact ours.  To understand something (or someone) begins with becoming thoroughly familiar with the person or object.  

Guess what?  The more we get to know God, the more familiar we become with the ways he moves, the things he takes delight in, etc.  This is my scripture tells us those who want to learn God's will for their lives must turn from following after the pursuits of the world.  "2 Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect." (Romans 12:2 New Living Translation)   

The process of a mystery being revealed requires "learning" - we take in information, processing it until it becomes evident we possess a "piece of the puzzle".  Sometimes God's dealings are just like this - we feel like one piece is being revealed at a time - but we want the bigger picture right now!  

Here's something to consider:  If I gave you a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle today - no box for it - just the pieces - would you be able to "handle" it?  Not likely!  You'd demand the box!  You would want to see the "pattern" in order to know where you were "headed" in placing the pieces together.  God gives us the "box" in Christ - he is the image of what we will all become when God is finished putting the pieces together in us!  Pretty awesome, huh?

So, don't worry about not having all the "knowledge" to figure out the mystery at work in you right now.  Just trust the one doing the work!  He gives us something to look toward - Christ.  He reminds us what he is accomplishing in us - making us into the image of Christ.  He will reveal the "finished product" at some point down the line - we just need to trust in the one who is "revealing the mystery" one step at a time


  1. Lauretta, I enjoyed your post today! My blog is similar in that I look for God in my everyday life. Would you be interested in guest blogging sometime? I would certainly repay it with a guest blog if you wanted.


  2. Glad to guest post anytime! Thanks for the kind words. I definitely enjoy the simple way you blog and the truths you bring out from life's little moments. God bless!


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