You listening, God?

Do you ever find yourself talking and wonder if anyone is even listening?  I do!  There have been times as a mom where I was saying something to two very blank faces - staring back at me in what many would call their "we are tolerating you, mom" face!  There have also been moments when I have tried to just engage someone in conversation, only to find they have never been listening to a word I said!  We've probably all been in this situation at least once in the past week! Thank goodness God isn't like this when we want to speak with him!

18 God's there, listening for all who pray, for all who pray and mean it. 19 He does what's best for those who fear him—hears them call out, and saves them. (Psalm 145:18-19 The Message)

God truly hears each word we speak - even those we are shooting up to him in silent "help, I need you!" moments!  It is beyond my brain's comprehension to understand how God could possibly be listening to all of us at the same time, but one thing is for sure - if he could create me out of dust, he could listen to more than one person at a time!

Some may think of prayer as those moments of "devout", on your knees, times with God when you pour out your heart to him.  The truth is, prayer is really an attitude of heart and mind.  In fact, it is often better translated as "communion".  It is an interchange or sharing which occurs because there is connection.  David reminds us God is listening for all who engage in this type of interchange - who make connection with him.

As a kid, I certainly had a curious mind.  I'd poke sticks in holes, not knowing what dwelt in the recesses.  I was rewarded with a gila monster attached to the end of a stick on one occasion.  That one set me running!  There were a whole lot of times when I'd walk away with disappointment because nothing stirred, nothing bit on the stick, and my efforts just didn't yield a thing!  

I remember hearing the warnings of a parent - the one which began with, "Don't stick anything into an electrical outlet."  In my mind, I heard, "But....why?  What lives beyond those three little holes?"  You know exactly where I am going, don't you?  Yep, I took the bobby pin, opened it wide and plunged it right in!  Shocker!  As I sat back staring at my fingers and wondering what the intense buzzing feeling was which had just passed through my body, I was now fully aware of why I was warned!

We often miss "connection" with God because we never take the time to explore the recesses of his counsel (his Word), or the intensity of his power.  We may think he is too busy to listen to our "little" issues - but read the verse again.  He is THERE -- listening!  Not just THERE -- but listening, ready to respond to us.  There is benefit to the "devout" times of "knee prayer" - but don't discount the times of just sharing your heart "on the fly".  God doesn't have a "deaf ear" to turn!  

There are times with God when I am simply "poking around" to see what I will uncover.  These are some of the greatest times I have had.  I may not get a "gila monster" reward each time I poke, but I get something from each  moment I spend just exploring God!  This is connection - this is communication.  It is two - sharing from the heart - just listening to each other.  Don't count on the "current" to ignite you each time, but know the current exists when you need it the most!


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