Tapped in

I have never really lived in an area where we have "well-water" to draw from, but my sister did in Napa Valley.  I remember the "sweetness" of the water, how cool it was when it came out of the faucet, and the just "freshness" it had.  Being a city girl, this was quite an experience for me because I was used to the fluoride, strong taste of chemicals like chlorine, and the like.  To take "pure" water was almost a shock to my body!  If you are also a city gal, you know what I mean!  Now, think about the well within each of us - that well of refreshing, purity, and sweetness which is cultivated there by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.  No well is ever benefit until it drawn from - wells serve their purpose only when something comes forth.  What comes forth in your life is based on who "taps" the well and how frequently the well is "stirred" within!

Knowing what is right is like deep water in the heart; a wise person draws from the well within.  (Proverbs 20:5)

We come into a place of knowing what is right by being exposed to it more and more.  One of our best defenses against untruth which leads to deception is to become so familiar with what is true we can just "smell" the untruth even before it has a chance to get "into" us.  It is like the difference between the water coming from my sister's well and that coming from my city tap - I don't even need to ingest mine to know it filled with chemicals - I can smell them!  If I don't want to take in this city water, I pay a good deal for "filters" to remove the smell and many of those chemicals.  Yet, the well-water at my sister's house was already pure when it came from the tap - no filters necessary.  So, where we draw from really does matter - we can clean it up no matter where we get it, but do we really want to?

The depth of our well is determined by how far we are willing to be "tapped". We cannot always tolerate the drilling and will resist its abrasiveness, but the tapping of the well is not always designed to be a comfortable process.  Some of us stop short of going to the next level, where the waters will be cleaner, purer, and sweeter simply because we don't want to endure the "drilling" by the Holy Spirit and God's Word.  Yet, if we want the sweetness and limitless flow from within, we must.  

My lessons have grown a little shorter this week as I am on the mend from my knee replacement and the fact I am a little worn out has made it almost a little bit of a chore to put words to print, but I want to remain faithful to share just even the little truths God gives.  It is not the volume of words, but the truth contained which will do its work.  Hoping God will dig you a little deeper today.  Embrace the "tapping" - it is meant for your glory!  Just sayin!


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