Okay, I need your help, please

There have been moments when I am struggling to get something done and it seems like God sends someone my way to help me get it done. Does that ever happen to you? It is like when I am reaching and reaching for the last box of something high up on the shelf at the store, then along comes a tall gentleman who just wisps it down and hands it to me. I didn't ask for his help - he just knew it wasn't within my grasp, so he stepped in. Sometimes I think God sends others our way to help us understand new things or to find our way simply because they were not within our reach alone.

Help each other with your troubles. When you do this, you are obeying the law of Christ.  (Galatians 6:2 ERV)

Nothing speaks God's love as loud as when we serve one another. When we recognize a need in another and set out to meet that need by some means within our ability, we are serving as God would have us serve. Our service may be practical, such as preparing a meal during a busy time for them. It could be a little "impractical", such as when we just stop what we are doing long enough to let them talk through an issue which has been on their mind for a while. It could be quite spiritual, such as when we share something God has been teaching us from his word. All of it is important when it reveals the love of Christ to the other one.

Troubles come and go, but those which linger are often not meant for us to work through on our own - we need the hand of another to help us with what is 'just out of reach' for us. I challenge us to stop today for just a moment to consider what it is in our lives which has been kind of out of reach. These areas of struggle often are the hardest to admit, but in being honest about their existence, we are taking the first step toward overcoming them. It is quite possible they will continue to be 'troubling areas' in our walk until we allow another to help us with them.

Have you ever settled for a more costly item at the store simply because you couldn't find a way to reach the one you wanted? I think we do this in life, too. Instead of admitting something is out of reach and seeking help, we settle. We settle because we find it hard to admit we need anyone's help with our issues. If life were meant to be lived out alone, there would be nothing more than a sea of islands on this earth! What we often 'settle' for will be the most costly to us. In settling, we are assuming the cost of asking for help is greater than the cost of whatever we settle for instead. I am going to have to challenge us on that one! No cost is as great as settling and then still having the original issue hanging around to boot!

It may not be easy to accept the help of another with the 'issues' which are out of reach, but in doing so, we not only open the door for our issue to be resolved, but we allow another to serve their purpose in life. They benefit by serving while we benefit from their service. They fulfill God's purpose while we get our issue dealt with once and for all! It is a win-win!  Just sayin!


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