What is my significance?

Salvation is sometimes referred to as the actions which lead to someone being removed from a place or circumstance which would have resulted in their harm, loss, or even destruction.  Within Christian circles, this word is often used in asking questions or making statements such as, "When did you get saved?" or "What events in life led up to your salvation?"  We think of it as a moment in time, but sometimes forget the actions of that moment lead into continual actions on our part to help us understand the significance of those actions better each and every day. In terms of defining our "significance", some might describe things or attributes which give our lives meaning - making us "feel" valued or with a sense of "worth".  Really, these two things - our salvation and our significance - are one in the same!  The actions of Christ on our behalf are based on the extreme value God assigns to each of his children and our significance is understood only when we understand the depth of that love and value!

My salvation and my significance depend ultimately on God; the core of my strength, my shelter, is in the True God. (Psalm 62:7 VOICE)

As much as we might understand our salvation depends upon God and the actions of Christ on our behalf, I have to really wonder if we actually understand our significance is equally dependent upon him.  Significance is another way of saying something has importance - it is of "worth" or "value". We often go through life looking for something to give us a sense of "value".  From the moment we are old enough to realize we are making our first strides in life, we are on this quest for significance.  We find ourselves seeking out friendships in the schoolyards, trying to align ourselves with others who seem "well-accepted" and of "importance" themselves - because if we do, we will be considered one of the "important" ones, as well.  We seek education based upon what we feel will give us a degree in some type of work / profession which will do more than serve the purpose of putting food on our table and a roof over our heads.  Then we look for ways to better ourselves through promotions, things we purchase, or the way we dress.  From one action to another, we are on this search for things, people, or positions which we think might actually lend something to our significance in this life.

I am not saying we don't need solid friendships - they help to hold us accountable and often are the forces which challenge us to be better, stronger, etc.  I also am not saying we shouldn't own a nice home, automobile, or wear clothes which flatter our frame.  What I am saying is that none of these actually increase our significance in life - that is already established in the eyes of God himself and nothing can add to or take away from what he sees when he looks at us through his eyes of love and grace.  All the other stuff we seek in life isn't necessarily "bad", but it doesn't define our significance because the love which reached out to us even before we reached out to him is what really places the "weight" of significance in our lives!

Significance is kind of an accounting term in the most literal sense - it comes from the root "signify".  In accounting, a weight was placed on the scale to determine the "counter-balance" to the object placed on the other side.  In the case of our salvation, the "counter-weight" placed on the opposite of the scale from where we are sitting is Christ himself.  When God compares us on the scales of "worth", he compares us to Christ himself.  When we are placed on the scale, Christ is placed on the opposite side of the scale. We might think we need to add something to our "side" of the scale in order to be in perfect balance, but the opposite is true.  The balance is already perfect because Christ is within us.  In other words, our worth is perfectly balanced by the most reliable "counter-balance" of all times! The significance of our lives is determined not by what we add to the scales, but by what Christ adds!  Just sayin!


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