Sit by me a while, please

I saw a cute little poster the other day. One person sat with their arm around the other, backs facing outward toward the camera, heads slightly tilted toward the other person's shoulder. The caption was what spoke to me: "I'm not interested in whether you stood with the great. I'm interested in whether you sat with the broken." I think the idea expressed is simply profound - although it is not "Bible", the concept is straight out of the teachings of Jesus!

PERPETUALLY my focus takes me to the Eternal because He will set me free from the traps laid for me. QUIETLY turn Your eyes to me and be compassionate toward me because I am lonely and persecuted.  (Psalm 24:15-16 VOICE)

We don't have to possess all the answers in order to be a help to another.  We simply need to make the time, paying attention to their expressed need, as well as those things they just don't say, but are deeply feeling.  Often loneliness is not ever spoken, but it is there, deeply felt and earnestly desiring some type of release.  It is often easier for us to see the one who cries out the loudest and respond to their "need", but it may just be the one who says the least is the one who needs the strength of our shoulder the most!

There is something about just finding solace in each other that is priceless.  It isn't that we might experience long conversations, sharing deeply held secrets, or hashing out issues long overdue in being "dealt with".  I do appreciate that person who came alongside and was with me to work those things out, but I think I might just appreciate their quiet resolve to just "be there" when I have been unable to speak about whatever it is I am feeling even a little bit more.

I think we under-estimate the value of just being a constant friend - a companion in the journey.  It isn't necessarily the depth of your wisdom someone craves as much as the depth of your commitment.  In fact, it speaks so much more to just be faithful and consistent than it does to be able to work out the issues and have the answers to every problem.  I think I have valued those in my life who just came to be there than those who felt they needed to make some "impact" on my life. In reality, those who just sat with me when I have been broken made a more lasting impact than those who thought they had impacted me through their insight and talent!

If we are to model the love of Christ, it begins first with being sensitive to the needs of those around us.  It also requires us to not have to speak volumes in our words - but to speak volumes in our actions.  Sometimes the greatest action is that of just being along for the journey - nothing more, nothing less.  Just sayin!


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