Well, I'll be!

All that is great and powerful and glorious and victorious and majestic is Yours, O Eternal One. Indeed everything that is in the heavens and the earth belongs to You. The kingdom belongs to You, O Eternal One, and You are the head of it all.  (1 Chronicles 29:11 VOICE)

I saw this passage today and just had an "epiphany" of sorts. Usually we see a passage like this and think, "Man, that person who wrote this was really exalting God!"  We see it as praise song or a form of worship since the writer is declaring the greatness of God and how truly awesome he feels God is.  What we may not see as significant in this passage is the very first word - ALL.  If all that is great and powerful and glorious and victorious is God's, and we are God's children, then that means we fit in at least one of these categories!  More importantly, we may fit in all four!

When God enters our lives with is presence, all his "greatness" is within us.  It is impossible for God to "be somewhere" and not have his greatness there, too.  If we all partake of his greatness, what does this mean for us? It means his power, glory, and victory comes along with him!  We may not look very powerful sometimes, even acting a little more like victims than victorious, but truthfully, if God indwells our spirit, we are "tapped into" the greatness of God!

We may not behave as power-full at times.  In fact, when we play the victim in life, we see ourselves as under someone or something else's power, struggling to make a way for ourselves in a place where we really don't feel we have any ability to break free from under that powerful "hold" they or that thing has over us.  We want to be free, but the "possibility" of breaking out of the hold we think that thing or person has for us is honestly the furthest thing from our minds.  Maybe it is time we start reminding ourselves the "all-powerful, amazingly great, fantastically glorious, and awesomely victorious God" is IN us, therefore nothing can stand against us!

All the intensity of his strength is resident within us.  I am amazed at how much we have "available" within us, but then we dejectedly declare, "I can't", instead of seeing his power as a way of beginning to declare, "I can and I will".  It is so easy for us to cop out with the "I can't" excuse.  If we'd stop camping out on those words and begin to declare we have the strength to live as overcoming, victorious, powerful individuals, we might just realize how "powerless" those things and people are in our lives!  Just sayin!


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