Better than anti-virus!

Protect me, God, for the only safety I know is found in the moments I seek You.
I told You, Eternal One, “You are my Lord, 
for the only good I know in this world is found in You alone.”  (Psalm 16:1-2 VOICE)

New product emerge every now and again, designed specifically for the purpose of protecting us from one thing or another.  The motorcyclist manufacturers would like us to believe the best of helmets, toughest of boots, and thickest of leather will protect us from the worst of injury should we take a spill on the motorcycle.  The airbag manufacturers made millions over the use of a simple bag which inflates with the sudden impact of a car colliding with another, all to assist in permanent damage to ones brain.  Cyber companies invent new and ever emerging ways to "protect" us from all the hackers of this world.  Even the best protection today may be outdone by the next generation of that same type of protection in the future.  I am so glad the only true protection which never changes, always remains consistent, and is always present with us is that which God affords with his watchful eye, quick hand, and protective covering!

The only safety we know is found in the moments we actually turn our face toward him. It is hard to find safety when we walk in the opposite direction, isn't it?  In taking a path other than that which he marks out for us, we are in danger of discovering we are ill-prepared for the journey, much less protected.  We are often left quite vulnerable simply because that path isn't the one he would have chosen for us.  Does it mean he will not protect us even when it is not the path he would have chosen?  No, certainly not!  It means we may face a few consequences we really didn't want to deal with, but it doesn't mean he turns his back on us just because we choose a way on our own.

Motorcyclists may wear all that protective gear, but it is almost impossible to avoid injury if one chooses to ride a motorcycle and is involved in an accident. They protected themselves the best they could, but at best, that protection is only going to preserve them from injury at a high level.  The sore muscles and the potential for broken bones still exists.  The cyclist is "out in the open", making his/her injury potential much higher than if they were surrounded by the solid steel frame of an automobile.  Even the automobile won't protect totally. There is just no other protection that affords the same level of protection as that of the Almighty.

God's protection goes way beyond the physical, though.  The protection we can count on is that of being guarded against attack - from without and within - whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.  His protection is what assures us we walk through stuff, avoiding the loss others may experience who walk that same path without his protection.  His protection includes a covering from danger or damages, yes, but it also assures us of the ability to realize the steps to take along the way.  We don't walk alone - we don't survive on our own strength - we don't overcome because we possess all the right tactics.  His protection over our lives is the only real "protective covering" we can count on.  Just sayin!


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