The veil increased the intrigue!

When Your words are unveiled, light shines forth; they bring understanding to the simple.  My desire for Your commands left me waiting, open-mouthed and panting.  Acknowledge me and show me Your grace as is Your habit toward all those who love Your name.  Guide my steps in the ways of Your word, and do not let any sin control me.  (Psalm 119:130-133 VOICE)

There are times when words are unspoken, but somehow they don't need to be because they are just understood.  It is like when you give someone that look that says they are moving into territory they may not really want to explore in your life after a long, long day with every nerve in your body tattered by the things you have been exposed to.  The words don't have to be spoken because that one look says it all!  God's Word isn't quite like that, though - it has to be discovered and it is "unveiled" to those who set out to discover it.

The idea of a veil is to hide something from view that isn't just for everyone to see.  When the veil is pulled back, what is seen is a sight to behold - it doesn't invoke fright, nor does it cause us to be repulsed.  The veil has hidden something of beauty and joy.  Beyond it there awaits a treasure so magnificent it has to be discovered little by little.  There is a time and a place for the veil to be removed and few will understand when or where this will be, but when they discover it - all the world cannot stop the magnitude of discovery!

The veil isn't meant to dissuade us, but to draw us in - to lead us into the place of deep discovery.  There is nothing hidden within God's Word which is not intended for our discovery and enjoyment - nothing!  The riches contained just within the veil are too numerous to give an accounting for, but when they are discovered they have a way of giving to us something that leaves us wanting more and then even more.  As our psalmist so aptly puts it - the discovery leaves us panting for more.

Very few actually come to a place where God's Word entices them into the depths of discovery as described here - but to those who do go beyond the veil, the riches are unfathomable!  Another little known fact about what lies just beyond the veil is this idea of being met there by God's grace - in the place of the depth of discovery, we find God's grace embracing us and drawing us even further into the magnificence of his riches.  As the veil is pulled back, there is a sense of being drawn in - the "pull" of grace is overwhelming to our hungry souls and burdened minds.

It is those who go beyond the veil who know the truth about God's grace and the intimacy of being face-to-face with him.  We discover God in many things - nature, the tender love of faithful friend, and even the hard places of trial and testing.  What we discover about him as we pull back the veil is something placed there just for us - it is our time and place of discovery - he designed it for us.  In those moments between pushing back the veil and being fully engulfed by his grace, we stand in a place of wanting.  We want more of him, more of his grace, and more understanding of his ways / purposes.  In that moment, we are drawn beyond just wanting into the place of revelation.

We won't know the depths of his Word until we sit to discover it.  We won't understand the embrace of grace until we go beyond the surface and allow that grace to begin to heal the depths of our brokenness.  We won't fully appreciate the beauty concealed and prepared just for us until we hunger and thirst so as to go beyond the veil.  There are those who wait to be fed and then there are those who seek out food.  Be the latter!  Just sayin!


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