Wisdom demands use

It takes wisdom for the clever to understand the path they are on, but the fool is deceived by his own foolishness.  (Proverbs 14:8 VOICE)

Albert Einstein once said, "Before God we are equally wise - and equally foolish."  How true!  We might think pretty highly of ourselves on occasion, but in God's eyes the foolishness of our ways is never hidden!  Sometimes the wisest action we can take is to admit we are wrong - a hard action to take, but much benefit await those willing to stop what they are doing long enough to evaluate if is the right thing!  

Wisdom isn't something learned at the feet of a wise guru in some remote part of the world - it is that which is learned by sitting at the feet of Jesus.  We often search for wisdom in the silliest of places, all the while missing the fact that wisdom is no further away than the cry of our heart, the sound of our voice, or the beating of our heart.  Where Jesus is, there is wisdom.

it is so easy to listen to our own desires and to allow those to motivate us into some course of action - good or bad.  We often don't need much coaxing to take the wrong actions, all the while needing the entire cheer squad of some national football team to get us motivated toward the right!  Why is it that we respond to the wrong motivations so much quicker than we do the right?  I think it has to do with the fact we are equally wise and foolish at the same time!

We have wisdom - we choose not to use it.  Possession is wise - not using what we possess is honestly kind of dumb!  I have some treasures in my house I don't use - they are decorative in nature.  Things like collectibles handed down through the generations as tokens reminding us of our heritage - of those who have passed before us.  These treasures are serving a purpose - as reminders.

Often the biggest help in life comes from the things we use as reminders to assist us in making right choices.  As I am attempting to make lifestyle changes to get my body healthy, I have had to set some goals - but getting those goals is best accomplished when I use certain tools to assist me in remembering what it is I have eaten, how many steps I have taken today, etc.  To have all the tools at our disposal and then not to use them in ways that encourage us to make the right choices, avoiding the foolishness of choosing our own way, is kind of goofy!

The path we are on is determined by the motivation of our heart. The heart is declared in scripture to be pretty deceitful.  As such, it can steer us wrong on occasion - so we'd better have some ways of 'challenging' those motivations which may not be right for us.  As I track my desired intake for the day, I use an app on my phone to assist me in making choices that "fit within" the target I have set.  My desire may be for a juicy hamburger, complete with all the trimmings and fries on the side.  The app warns me I can probably eat nothing more than lettuce the rest of the day if I make that choice!  Sometimes the app acts as an "assistive device" to help me make the right choice - because lettuce is not going to be a good alternative to get me through the rest of the day!

The wisest among us realize the one who resides within is really the wisest among us!  The wisest rely not upon their own wisdom, but that which comes from listening intently for his voice to guide them into right choices. Just sayin!


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