Strength in stillness

“Be still, and know that I am God!  I will be honored by every nation. I will be honored throughout the world.”  (Psalm 46:10 NLT)

I believe man looks at how much he wants, but God looks intently on what it is that man needs - peace and a stillness of spirit. The only path to a still spirit is for the God of Peace to dwell in the midst of that place designed only for him - our own spirit. Man is a tri-part being made up of body, soul, and spirit. To leave that "spirit" place open to any old influence that wants to invade it is to leave one's self open to some pretty crazy, mixed up stuff that can leave us a mess in the long run. 

Stillness is more than the absence of noise, as I have often said. It is the actual ability to stand secure, firmly anchored, and without the need to "do" anything simply because there is a deep trust and confident assurance in the PEACE that indwells us. WE don't DO - we wait in confident assurance and allow the God of Peace to move upon us, showing us what it is he is doing and what it is we are to do as he moves us. Part of stillness is just resting - it is also moving, not in haste, but in confident and steadfast assurance.

I saw a post the other day saying WE cannot brag about our love for God because our love has a tendency to rise and fall, but we can brag about his never-ending love for US. Our love ebbs and flows, being really hot at times, and then being almost ice cold at others. We don't have an adequate amount of "consistency" in our lives to say our peace never fails - because our closeness to Jesus often isn't as great as it should be. We "get distanced" from him sometimes without even realizing we have drifted away from that intense place of peace and assurance we had counted on so much at some point. It is as though we just forgot about the "intensity" of peace as it was meant to be enjoyed.

All God asks of us is to BE still - to allow his peace to have access to those areas of our lives where "doing" has become the norm. God love isn't about us "doing", but about us "trusting", "resting", and "discovering". The more God's Word finds a place into our hearts and spirit, the more our body and mind experience the "thing" we refer to as the "peace of God". The worry and anxiety of life seems to pale in comparison to God's grace and love when we allow more of God's Word an opportunity to impact our lives. That opportunity does not exist unless we make that opportunity - we have to still our minds, settle into times of discovery with him, and just allow him to speak to us - to our spirit and our mind. Just sayin!


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