Okay, enough of this already!

If I had not found joy in your teachings, my suffering would have destroyed me. I will never forget your commands, because through them you gave me new life. (Psalm 119:92-93 ERV)

We probably can all look back at points in our lives when we thought whatever it was we were going through just about "destroyed" us. Our joy was gone, energies depleted, and wherewithal to make any new decisions totally evaded us. In short, we were "suffering" - either by our own doing, or that of another, and it just about "undid" us. Our rescue in those times is often found in the simplest of things, but often the most overlooked when we find ourselves in the midst of tremendous suffering - his Word. It is by his Word all things were created - it is by his Word that all things are sustained - it is also by his Word all things are renewed and made whole again!

David sums it all up for us by reminding us that everything has its limits - even those things that seem to be unending and grossly overpowering in our lives (vs. 96). The one thing that is limitless is the power of his commands - his Word. We can count on this - take it to the bank, so to speak. His Word and the unfathomable power that "backs" that Word don't have any limits - they are all-powerful, all-knowing, always present. While we may not think our present suffering has any limit or end, God knows when and where that will be - and he knows exactly how it will come to pass. Isn't it silly for us to go through our suffering without looking into the one place where we will find such wisdom?

Just a few thoughts for us to take with us today:

- The places of our pain make perfect breeding ground for his Word to nest. What is the purpose of a nest? Isn't it to allow for "multiplication" and "renewal"? The bird makes a nest not out of habit, or because they needed something to occupy their time. The bird makes the nest in anticipation of what will one day come from that nest!

- That which becomes our constant companion has the greatest influence on us in times where doubt, fear, hopelessness, and anxiety want to invade our minds and hearts. If this be his Word, we will soon find there is no room for doubt - for his Word settles our minds and gives security to our heart (emotions). If this be his Word, we will also find fear and anxiety begin to diminish - for his Word brings peace beyond measure. If this be his Word, there will always be a reminder of the tremendous hope we have when we finally realize he is in control and how deeply he cares for those he loves. Just sayin!


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