Stupid or Wise?

The late Walt Disney reminds us the "way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing." It is quite easy to talk - another thing to actually put actions to those words! There are times when my words get the best of me, though - especially when I commit to do something before I really count the cost, or determine if I even have any enthusiasm toward the task at hand. In so doing, I commit myself to something I neither wanted to do, nor will I enjoy doing in the long run. Maybe you have done similarly, finding yourself smack-dab in the middle of something you absolutely dread will never end. When you are there, what you do next may actually determine just how long you stay in that state of misery! Most of us wouldn't dream of admitting we were wrong in making the commitment to do something, but those of us who actually realize it was worse to make the commitment than to admit it was wrong to make it might just realize a release from the commitment once we do! Others may actually see this as a strength in us - while we may think they will see it as a weakness.

8 You praise people for their intelligence, but no one respects those who are stupid. 
(Proverbs 12:8 ERV)

I am a "doer", which means I don't find much satisfaction in just "standing by" or "lolly-gagging around" when there is a task needing to be accomplished. Oftentimes, this works to my disadvantage, because I bite off more than I can chew! If you really want to evaluate whether you are taking on more than you should, just look at your "to do" list. If it is longer than your day, it is probably too much! When I first went into management, I had to learn the hard task of delegating some of the work that needed to be done. I had to engage others in the decisions being made and I had to paint a bigger picture for them so they would know where we were headed. Needless to say, those lessons were learned by trial and error. I made a whole lot of errors by enduring a whole lot of trials! 

It is honestly "stupid" to commit one's self to something just because you felt pressured, thought you could do it better, or maybe you were just too proud to admit you couldn't do it. Either way, you will be miserable. Wisdom exercised in choosing your commitments is never wasted. As our scripture states - no one can expect praise when they are over-extended, over-committed, and over-the-edge. We find praise comes when we are "doers", but peace comes when we are doers of the right stuff! Just sayin!


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