No matter what...

No matter what...  These words create a picture of determination, don't they? When we proclaim them, we are usually acknowledging there will be hurdles in our path that must be tackled and even mountains that must be scaled. We are not willing to allow what stands in our way to impede our progress. When we say we are determined, we are indicating we have made a decision - one we will stand upon 'no matter what'. We are 'firm' in our commitment and are committed to the course, even though it is going to challenge us. In healthcare today, we have to exhibit this kind of determination against all manner of viral, bacterial, or combined attack. It also seems that we must exhibit great determination just to find groceries, necessities, and ways to keep our children busy right now. Regardless of the course ahead of you, determination is called for!

But blessed is the one who trusts in Me alone; the Eternal will be his confidence. He is like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots beside the stream. It does not fear the heat or even drought. Its leaves stay green and its fruit is dependable, no matter what it faces. (Jeremiah 17:7-8)

We must guard against being 'determined' in the wrong direction, though. Every opportunity we have to 'do good' should be our focus in tough times. I have read reassuring articles of folks stepping up to help the elderly who cannot get out to find their own groceries right now - as they are some of our most vulnerable to contract disease. I have seen social feeds filled with all manner of reminders to 'do good' for one another - if only to share ideas on how to keep the kiddos busy while they are not able to attend school right now. What might not be apparent to some is that 'no matter what we face', we need to face it together. We need each other - we need to stay firm in our commitment to remain at peace in very trying times.

Peace is first and foremost something established within each of us that begins to emanate to others around us. We find our peace in Christ - we exhibit our peace in loving actions toward one another even when the temptation might be to act or behave quite the opposite. As we have had to make adjustments in how we do business these days, where it is we can go and what it is we can do, we all need to remember our 'firm footing' determines our course. The tree planted well will prosper in spite of the storms or drought! Just sayin!


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