Let's shed a little light on it

I don't know what God has planned for me or you or anyone, but I do know that in darkness, you discover an indistinguishable light. 
(Cory Booker)

There are seasons in our lives that we might call those 'dark' times when we just feel like the clouds are closing in around us emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. We cannot avoid them anymore than we can avoid the influx of clouds up in the sky. We could try to outrun them, but then would we ever truly appreciate the light that comes after the darkness passes? Would we ever truly begin to influence the darkness if we never let our inner light shine? 

The light of the right-living brings joy as it burns brightly; the lamp of a wrongdoer will be snuffed out. (Proverbs 13:9)

The light within burns brighter than any darkness we can experience - even those times of deeper emotional darkness when we think we might just become totally undone, destitute and alone. I am not ashamed to say I have stood squarely in the midst of emotional darkness on occasion, taunted on every side from unreasonable fear, haphazard thoughts raging as waves of doubts come crashing in over and over again. I am also not ashamed to admit that when the storms raged, the darkness set in with full force, and those fears and doubts assailed me from every side, there always came a glimmer of light that gave way to more and more until the darkness was totally gone.

When light begins to shine forth - even that first spark of light - there is something that becomes very evident about our darkness. We find that we have placed too much importance and focus on the things that so often taunted us and caused us fears in those dark places. We looked at the shadows cast by the light rather than the light! It is truly in darkness that we begin to see there is a very indistinguishable light God brings into our lives. I cannot overcome darkness alone - nor can you. We each need the light of God that shines in each of our lives - first a glimmer, then a fully revealed light.

What is your dark place today? Most will attempt to conceal that darkness from others simply because our pride keeps us from admitting we aren't as 'put together' as we'd like others to see us. The truth of the matter is that pride is keeping you from dispelling the things that cause you such concern in that dark place - shadows becoming more and more consuming as your darkness closes in upon you. The way to dispel darkness isn't to attempt to shut it out - but to bring light into that place! Each of us carries someone's spark of indistinguishable light - we just have to learn to let it shine brightly so it can begin to be seen through the darkness they face. Just sayin!


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