When someone tells you that you need to wrap your mind around some concept, they are telling you that the subject at hand will take some effort on our part to actually get enough of a hint of it in order to even remotely understand it. The subject is complex, even a little overwhelming, and we will have to apply ourselves to really grasp it very well. We cannot wrap our minds around God's wisdom and knowledge - because it is infinite and our brains are sadly finite. We can only 'think' so far and then we have to 'trust'. Some of us think there is nothing we can trust if we cannot 'think' it through, but this will never work when it comes to our faith. Faith requires trust in what is unseen and not fully comprehended. The truth we believe is really building our trust, but until we approach God with more trust than 'thought', we will never fully grasp some of the things he has prepared for us.

We cannot wrap our minds around God’s wisdom and knowledge! Its depths can never be measured! We cannot understand His judgments or explain the mysterious ways that He works! For, who can fathom the mind of the Lord? Or who can claim to be His advisor? Or, who can give to God in advance so that God must pay him back? For all that exists originates in Him, comes through Him, and is moving toward Him; so give Him the glory forever. Amen. (Romans 11:33-36)

One of the things that stood out from this passage this morning was this idea of everything that exists actually 'moving' toward God. This might make sense in terms of the scientist who studies the planets, gravitational pull, and even the fact that tides come and go. There is a certain element of 'trust' in each of the 'theories' they present related to how each of these planets rotate, exist, and remain 'afloat' in the universe. We don't fully understand the black holes, or even exactly how the earth rotates and stays in exactly the same orbital pattern year after year. Yet, we trust the theories developed by these scientific minds. Why is it so hard for us to trust the truth of scripture, but we can believe in the theories of mankind?

All that exists originates in God himself - period. This is not a wishy-washy statement; it is a statement of fact and truth. We exist because he created us. The chair you are sitting in right now exists because someone made it, but all that exists that allowed the chair to be created was made by him. All the elements that go into the metal, material, and wood within that chair all exist because he made them. Man might have created the 'structure' of the chair, but he created the 'substance' of the chair. All comes through him - period. Nothing is truly 'self-made' in this world, for man's success is in the hands of God. All comes through him - he allows us to proceed along the course that allows us to enjoy success. It all comes because he exists, calls into existence, and allows to continue to exist. Period.

In the end, nothing exists that is not moving toward him - period. It may seem there are things diametrically opposed to his holiness and this would be true. Yet, even the things that are opposed to him are moving toward him - for nothing exists that isn't moving toward him. This is truth and we need to accept that God will control even the bad stuff that stands in opposition to his truth - period. By his hand all is held together. By his breath all enjoys life. By his heartbeat all experience love at the greatest level possible. By his movement all other movement is influenced. God is at the center of it all - shouldn't he be at the center of your life, as well? Just askin!


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