Time for a reset

Can you say you exercise 'good sense' the majority of the time? I know I can have moments of nonsense in my life - those times when the decisions or actions just did not make total sense. In fact, they kind of bordered on the ridiculous on occasion! The majority of the time, I exercise good sense by listening to wise counsel, heeding scriptures warnings, and not doing whatever my conscience says I should not do. These three don't always keep me out of trouble, but they go a long, long way toward helping me avoid those 'nonsense activities' that would only bring more trouble into my life.

Good sense brings blessing, but the road of the treacherous is long and rough. A clever person acquires knowledge and then acts on it; but a fool advertises his folly for all to see. (Proverbs 13:15-16)

Think of a clever person as one who is quick in their intellect, mentally bright, and quite able to handle issues as they arise. If that isn't how you'd describe yourself today, then you probably aren't alone in the mix because others will say they are a little 'dull' in their intellect, not always mentally bright, and are often unable to deal with things that come their way. Does that make any of us less likely to receive God's blessings in our lives, though? No, it just make us human!

There is a difference between being clever, or a person of good sense, from being treacherous and foolish. The treacherous is ready to betray trust at almost every drop of the hat. They aren't very faithful in their commitment to anything other than what may benefit them at the moment. The foolish things that emerge in the activities of one given to living a treacherous life are really what sets them apart. Their actions are marked with deception - so much so that there is really nothing reliable in them. 

This is why their road is long and hard. Their choices aren't reliable - their commitments are absently promised - their words are meaningless. The actions God desires are those that stem from acquiring knowledge that actually helps to bring foundation into our lives. If we haven't allowed that foundation to be built, we will be all over the board. If we want to enjoy the blessings of God in our lives, it begins by submitting to the process of learning. Scripture isn't just given to look at from time to time - it is meant to be 'grafted into' our lives much like a sprig from a tree may be grafted into the life-giving trunk of another.

I opened with the thought of three things that can help us to exercise good sense - wise counsel, scripture, and our own God-given conscience. If you won't listen to good counsel, and you don't always think about scripture when you are about to act, you can at least fall back on your conscience! When all three align, you are much better off. When two align, you are closer than you'd be with only relying upon one. We really need all three together. So, if you aren't in a place where you are regularly taking in the Word of God - get there. If you don't feel like you have those who give wise counsel in your lives - ask God to bring them into your life. If you have been a little too 'lax' in listening to the nigglings of your own conscience - perhaps it is time for a complete 'reset'! Just sayin!


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