Are you grazing?

There is a strange truth we might all want to consider when it comes to our hunger and being sated. The hungrier we are, the more we will 'take in' whatever is in our path. It might not even make sense, but we will eat and eat until we are no longer hungry. Come upon the same things when you are already sated and you will be less likely to find any appeal at all in them. Why? Sated bodies don't crave things the same way a hungry body does. The same holds true with a sated spirit and soul!

When you are full, you will not even eat honey. When you are hungry, even something bitter tastes sweet. (Proverbs 27:7)

A sated spirit and soul are going to help us avoid the 'intake' of things that are wrong for our lives. We are less likely to just 'bite into' whatever comes our way because we have been filled to overflowing already. Nothing appeals to us outside of what we have already enjoyed by sitting in the presence of Jesus and 'taking in' what he provides in those times of solitude and repose. Half of the problems (or more) in our lives could probably be avoided if we would have just 'filled our tank' with his Word before we filled it with other things!

The other night I found myself 'grazing' on whatever I could find in the kitchen cabinets and fridge. It was a hodge podge of this and that, but not really all that nourishing. It was like I couldn't find the 'right thing' to satisfy whatever it was that needed satisfying in me. Salty snacks didn't do it. Sweet ones didn't make the desire go away. Proteins helped to fill me up a little, but still didn't curb the desires. I was not really even 'hungry' as much as I was just bored and boredom leads to some pretty unwise choices at times!

God isn't going to intrude into our boredom unless we invite him to do so. We might venture into this and that in an attempt to find some fulfillment we are craving, but try as we might, nothing fulfills in quite the same way his presence does. His Word fills us to overflowing, repeatedly providing much needed 'satiation' when times are a little 'lean' in the soul. We find his Word begins to fill us again and again - even when we don't sit down and take it in again, it comes back to us and begins to fill the empty spaces within our soul.

When you are full, there is no room for the things that don't belong in your life. When you are empty, you can find all kinds of things to 'fill space', but will those things be what you really need and crave? If you are like me, the answer to that question is 'no'! The things we need and crave the most are not the hardest to find, but we do need to be consistent in 'taking in' what will provide long-term satisfaction and 'satiation' to our soul. Just sayin!


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