Let Christ Abide

I was speaking with my daughter this week about the senseless riots, protests, and negative things we see displayed everywhere in social media about those who serve our country in the capacity of law enforcement. I was disheartened to hear how one of our local law enforcement officers (the husband of one of her close friends) is being treated in the light of this latest unwarranted loss of life so many miles away across our country. Even our local law enforcement officers are receiving unwarranted threats, being harshly criticized for their choice of profession, and even live with the fear their parked cars may be vandalized because they bear an emblem in honor of a fallen police officer. Many of these men and women have chosen to serve, not to use their power or authority in any untoward manner, but because they want to serve and protect in ways that genuinely honor life. Many are believers themselves, raising up families within the faith, and trusting God with their lives each minute of the day. The unrest we are experiencing today makes it hard for these officers and their families to be at rest, even in their own homes. The sense of unrest has nothing to do with their own actions, having done nothing wrong themselves. Instead of criticizing those who choose to serve and protect, maybe we should pray for them, placing them under God's protection and care each day, and asking for God's peace to reign in their homes.

God says, “Be still and know that I am God. I will be praised in all the nations; I will be praised throughout the earth.” (Psalm 46:10)

Be still and know that I am God. I think this is the message to our country right now. I will never discount the injustice of a life lost senselessly at the hand of someone who went too far. I will not criticize those who feel they need to speak out, take action, call for justice. There has been a serious wrong done - a family is left grieving in the wake of what should never have happened. A country is left shaken, torn apart, threatened, and almost 'under siege' with ripples of violent outbursts. We need to take action against injustice, but not with further violence, threats, or wrongful actions. A nation is torn apart where chaos is allowed to build. Maybe what we need more than another protest is a good old-fashioned revival! We need to get God back into the center of our country because we have been all too willing to allow him to drift out of that place! If we want to know peace within our homes - we put God there. If we want to know peace within our cities - we put God there. If we want to know peace within our country - we put God there. Not as a photo opp, but as the real thing - in the center of our lives, helping us to live at peace with each other, respectful of the things that God has created in each of us! Peace is only possible where stillness abounds. Stillness is only possible where Christ abides. Just sayin!


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