Make the right choice

We all have probably noticed how 'out of control' things can get at times - especially when we see some form of injustice. We want to 'rise up' and set things right - as if that were even in our power. We think our protests will help, but have you noticed how easy it is for the most well intended gathering to turn into a riotous group of chaos in a matter of minutes. One word said in the wrong way, or something heard in a way it was never intended to be heard, and individuals can go from protest to riot behavior in no time. The control seems to be lost. We might take note of one thing - God hasn't lost control - individual people have!  

Yours is the mighty power and glory and victory and majesty. Everything in the heavens and earth is yours, O Lord, and this is your kingdom. We adore you as being in control of everything. (1 Chronicles 29:11)

God remains in control of all things - we might not see his 'control' right now, but trust me on this one - God hasn't abdicated the throne. Wrongful actions on the part of individuals on this earth are just that - human actions, taken in ways that bring harm to themselves and others. God's actions are the same - to redeem the human race from their sinful actions. We are weathering a pandemic, but not doing it very well. We struggle to maintain lifestyles that we have come to expect as the 'norm' in society today, but this isn't possible in the face of such a virulent disease. Life isn't as it was, nor will it be for a while longer (if ever). We humans don't like our 'normal' disrupted - so we resist in ways that sometimes put us and others at greater risk.

We struggle to understand the senseless actions of individuals who act in ways that bring harm into the lives of others. It isn't easy to understand how something like a police arrest can go so wrong so quickly. Yet, it isn't any easier to understand how a peaceful protest can escalate into an all out display of wrongful deeds on the part of those gathered to protest. People gather together, but in the midst of their gathering there is that moment when all the pent up frustration and repeated disappointments come to the surface. At that moment in time, there is a choice to be made - will we remain in control of our emotions, or will we allow our emotions to rule us.

God's hope is that we will allow him to rule! Our emotions aren't going to rule themselves - they need a 'governor' over them - the Holy Spirit. We aren't going to respond well all the time - our emotions get raw and raw emotions demand a reactionary response. Rather than reacting, it is most important that we be 'proactive' in our response to life's issues. We can prepare to respond and do it well, but we need to 'prepare' not on our speeches and protests, but our emotions and our heart. We hurt - I get it. We aren't doing well as a nation - I get it. People aren't always going to make right choices - I get it. But...we can make right choices and pray for others to do the same. Just sayin!


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