So, help is on the way

So I will look to the Lord for help. I will wait for God to save me. My God will hear me. I have fallen, but enemy, don’t laugh at me! I will get up again. I sit in darkness now, but the Lord will be a light for me. (Micah 7:7-8)

Do you ever have those days when all you can do is just look up or around, kind of dazed by the things you have encountered that day, and then just wonder if anyone else noticed you actually fell down? Falling down, or being pushed down by our enemy is quite easy - it is getting back up that is the hardest part! Some of us don't even have the energy to try because the things that led up to the falling down left us drawn, worn, and just plain empty. Isn't it a hard thing to wait for the Lord to be our help when all we want is to be free of whatever it is we managed to fall into? The truth is that quicksand only holds us more tightly, consuming a little more of us each time we attempt to struggle to find our way our alone! God didn't intend for us to fall, but he sure doesn't intend for us to have to get up all on our own!

'I will get up again'  are words of encouragement we might just need to speak to our souls this morning. It isn't that anyone else needs to hear those words right now, but maybe you need to hear them the most. Maybe you need to remember that God's light is not snuffed out by the sins or failures in our lives. His light still burns brightly - we just need to turn back into that light once again. The words 'I will wait for God to save me' are quite telling in this passage. How many times do we struggle and struggle, attempting to find a way out of our mess on our own, all the while ignoring this intentional 'waiting' for God's help? I do this more than I would probably like to admit, and I know God is not impressed with my 'struggling' to find a way to save myself. In fact, he just allows me to see how dark that place is where I am at that moment because I am too stubborn or prideful to allow him to be my Savior.

It isn't that he isn't prepared to deliver us. Nor is it that he isn't willing. If we were honest here, it is more likely that he wants us to come to a place where we recognize we are waiting on him - completely and totally yielded to him so he can do what only he can do in our lives. We cannot do what he can do - so why do we struggle so much to wait on him? I would have to answer that my pride gets in the way of my waiting. I don't want anyone else to see me in my fallen state! I want out of it as soon as possible, hoping nobody else will even notice I have fallen! Silly me...trying to keep my 'humanness' from other humans! I don't know about you, but my pride gets in the way of my asking for help from God just about as much as it gets in the way of me asking for help from others! 

No matter how we have fallen, nor where it is we might find yourself today, God is the one who waits to deliver us. All we have to do is stop struggling to do all the delivering on our own! We might have to change our perspective a little and that may involve a little change in our response to the circumstances we are in, too. We might have to allow another to come alongside to help us get up, but if we would stop worrying so much about how another might see us and more about how God might just have something special in mind to bring to us through that one he sends to help us up, we might just find ourselves embracing their help. Just sayin!


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