Four actions that will change your day

Today, I would like us to 'step through' a portion of scripture, allowing it to really sink deeply into the recesses of our being. You know, scripture is good and profitable, but nothing good is really profitable until someone puts it into use! Scripture isn't meant to 'dazzle' our senses and then leave us with a 'feel good' kind of sensation. It is meant to move us into periods of both repose or contemplation, as well as action. If we begin to ask God what he intends for our lives when we 'take in' scripture each day, we might just begin to discover what he has in store for us that is both good and profitable for our lives!

Come, let us sing with joy to the Lord. Let us sing loud with joy to the rock Who saves us. Let us come before Him giving thanks. Let us make a sound of joy to Him with songs. (Psalm 95:1-2)

Come - this is the first action God requires of us today. We are to 'come' - in other words, it is time made for him, set apart for him, away from the other things in life that really give us great distraction. I usually get my coffee while the computer is booting up, then make my way into my den for this time with him. There are probably a great many distractions that can come because I choose to study the Word on the computer, but let me assure you of this - God will help me focus if I ask him.

Let us sing - the second in an important 'set' of actions God calls for. Do you ever have one of those days when the furthest thing from your mind is a 'song' of any sorts? I do! The day is kind of a 'downer' and I just don't feel like any good song could come forth from me. I liken it to one of those days when the only words that might come forth are a country-western song filled with all kinds of 'my dog left me, my job is hard, and my money ran out' kind of thoughts. You know what I mean, don't you? The pressures are mounting and all you want to do is complain a little. Song is liberating, though. When we begin to turn our thoughts toward Christ, we begin to feel those 'woe is me' kind of 'life lyrics' just drop by the wayside. Before long, we begin to let the songs of praise and adoration come forth. What just happened there? We got an attitude adjustment!

Give thanks - the third action God calls for is that of gratitude expressed. It is one thing to be 'grateful', but it quite another thing to find ways to express it. Gratitude isn't meant to be just felt - it is meant to be shared and repeated. God reminds us to give thanks because he knows the power of a grateful heart. When we begin to 'sense' our blessings, we begin to turn a blind eye to our 'woes'. Our 'country-western' life lyrics begin to change! We find our spirits lifted when we begin to 'give thanks'. Why? Our mind is considering not only the blessing, but the true source of that blessing - God himself. 

Make a sound - the last action we will focus on this morning is that of actually being 'expressive' in our study of the Word. There are times when I just sigh a deep sigh - because God has just filled me with something I needed that helped me empty out some space that was filled with garbage in my life I didn't need. I think 'sighs' come from within our spirit - allowing space to be made where God may enter in and fill that space with just the perfect amount of his presence, power, and praise! Make a sound today. Go ahead - I don't care if it is a sigh, a 'hmmm', or a simple squeal of pleasure. Make a sound - give God some room to fill you today. Just sayin!


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