His LOVE is life

What do the words, "Your love is life to me," mean to you when you hear them? They are the words of a song I frequently sing at church, but I wonder if we really pay attention to the words we sing. Indulge me for a moment while I share just some of those words with you this morning:

Your love is life to me
My truest longing my deepest need
Without it one moment I don't know where I'd be
Your love is life to me

Breath for my body, light for my eyes
All that I need you daily provide
Deep in my being, more than my blood
My very existence depends on your love

Your love is life to me - - - did you stop for a moment to 'think upon' just how much God's love has provided in your life? When someone is the thing you believe fulfills your deepest needs, you don't want to be separated from the person for even one moment, do you? Your whole life rotates around that person! Without God's love, where would you be today? I know my 'story' would be much different! The path I was on was not a good one. I didn't feel good about myself at all and every action I pursued revealed how insecure, unfulfilled, and desperately lonely I was inside. I was broken, deeply fearful, and could see no way out of the bottomless pit I was in. I can truly say, "My very existence depends upon your love," because without God's love reaching into that pit, it would have become my grave!

Jesus said, “The one who loves Me will obey My teaching. My Father will love him. We will come to him and live with him." (John 14:23)

Breath for my body, light for my eyes. When life seems darkest, God gives light. Where breath seems to be stolen away, God breathes new life. More than our very blood - our very existence depends upon him. If you are in healthcare, you understand some of the very important things blood does within our body. Truth be told, we proclaim the wonders of the brain and even the heart, but we forget about all the 'work' done in the blood. It is the carrier system for all our cells need and then it is the transporter of all things that we need to rid ourselves of in the end. It carries oxygen, nutrients, and then it transports all the waste of our cell's energy to the liver and kidneys so it can be removed from our bodies. All that garbage would just slow us down, making us lethargic and unclear in our thoughts. If the blood doesn't do its work, our brains would not work well!

Our very existence depends upon HIS blood - our very existence depends on his LOVE. His blood was the greatest expression of his love and is the very thing that removed all the 'garbage' out of our lives. If you stop to think about it, God's love gives and gives - just like our blood does within our bodies. His love brings what we need, but it also takes away all that we no longer need to be within us. Obey his teaching and begin to see how the mess of your life will begin to find a new purpose. Why is that? His love changes us - it brings balance in our lives. His love is life to us. Depend upon his love - depend upon his life. Just sayin!


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