The familiar sound

As I learned of the loss of yet another of the people I have admired in my life, I am reminded this morning of the moments we create each and every day. We have so much opportunity to do good, choosing to be a blessing in the lives of others, but do we always embrace those opportunities? I know I reference our choices so often, but we need to understand just how much each and every one of them matter. There really are NO insignificant choices in life. In fact, each one is noticed - each one is weighed in the balance of right or wrong. Those choices - those moments we create by the choices we make - they are our legacy. What is the legacy you will leave behind when you leave this earth?

A good person leaves what they own to their children and grandchildren. But a sinner’s wealth is stored up for those who do right. (Proverbs 13:22)

Some believe an inheritance is merely the 'goods' someone leaves behind when they exit this earth. I think it is much, much more. Our 'inheritance' - that which we leave behind - there isn't a 'value' to it that can be calculated in dollars and cents. In fact, our legacy is more than our bank accounts, status achieved in life, or even our collections of stuff we amass in life. Our legacy is made up of daily choices - moments created when we are with each other, doing things for others, loving with our hands and hearts. Lets be honest here - we let moments pass us by - we ALL do this. We never know what moment will be the one someone will hold onto long after we are gone, though. That moment we allowed to pass us by - would it have made a difference in the life of someone we leave behind? 

I read a post this morning by someone in one of my woodworking social media groups. His father was lost in a house fire, but do you know what this man sifted through the rubble of that house to find? His father's keys. Why? The doors were all gone, the vehicles all lost, everything seemingly left in a burnt pile of black char. Those keys were this man's memory of every day with his dad - the familiar 'jingle' of those keys on his dad's belt were what he remembered because he knew his dad was never without his keys. Rain or shine, going out or staying in, those keys were firmly attached to his belt. Those keys will always be that man's connection to his dad - memories will flood back into his mind as he holds those keys and hears that familiar 'jingle' of those charred keys.

The moment you stop to listen to your grandson tell you about his day at school - you are making a memory. The moment you don't reach into your wallet to buy that child something, but encourage him to work for it, to use his creative energies to achieve his goal of getting that thing he wants - those are memories that may not be realized as a 'transition point' in that child's life, but years from now, he will appreciate you encouraging him. The moment you sit across your desk, encouraging a young new 'lay person' in the ministry to pursue their passion, letting them know you see God's hand on their lives, and that you have confidence in their choice to pursue their calling - you are leaving a legacy. 

The choices we make leave a 'mark'. That 'mark' is our legacy. I don't always make right choices, but I am choosing to leave a legacy that I pray will be remembered as one that was worth more than silver or gold in this world. How about you? What is the legacy your are leaving as evidenced by the choices you are making today? It isn't too late to change the 'value' of your legacy, my friends. Just sayin!


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