Not going down that rabbit hole again

Isn’t it obvious that conspirators lose out, while the thoughtful win love and trust? (Proverbs 14:22)

Some of the most 'obvious' things in life can be the most 'elusive' to us. Stop for a moment to consider what 'obvious' really means - available, accessible, discernable. Now, why is it that the stuff that is so easily available, quickly accessible, and totally discernable is hard for us to actually get our minds around? I think it might be that the enemy of our souls just doesn't want us to get hold of this stuff that God provides because he knows just how powerful it will be in our hands!

The thoughtful win love and trust. The mind is the starting point for all action - we have established that already in our studies together. If we want to know where we are headed, we need only look as far as our most dominant thoughts. Whatever it is we think the most upon is the direction our actions will be taken. Every now and again I think some thoughts that take me down a rabbit hole of doubt, worry, or just plain depression. If I don't want to go down that rabbit hole I need to change that thought pattern quickly. Seems obvious, doesn't it? Yet, some of the most 'obvious' stuff to us can be the most 'elusive'.

What is a conspirator and why did God warn us about the losses they would experience? It is someone who spends a great deal of time and energy plotting, looking for ways to betray others, and in truth, it is someone who ends up being a backstabber. No wonder they 'lose out' in life - their pathway is down a pretty ugly rabbit hole! The thoughtful are considerate of others - through deliberate choices. Don't miss that one - if we want to avoid the ugly rabbit hole, we make deliberate choices to stay out of the field where the rabbit dwells!

The most 'obvious' stuff in life should be the most transparent to us, but we sometimes miss what is right there in front of our faces. We trip over the obvious sometimes! Why? We refuse to see it. We refuse to acknowledge it. It is indisputable, but we refuse to acknowledge it. This is why we find ourselves struggling with our choices sometimes - we think truth has to be hard or elusive - surely truth could not be staring us right in the face. God doesn't make it hard to learn of his love or grace - it is right out there for us to see. He doesn't make it hard for us to know right from wrong - in fact, he gives us a conscience and the presence of the Holy Spirit within us so it can become 'obvious' to us.

We might think God's truths are 'elusive', but in truth they are quite 'obvious'. They are accessible, discernable, indisputable, palpable, and unmistakable. We don't need more than an open mind, yielded heart, and intent spirit to discover them. We do need a willing heart to embrace them. Will begins in the mind, so we need to set our minds in a different way of thinking sometimes - so the most dominant thoughts we are thinking are those that point us in the right direction. Maybe this is why God spends so much time training us to take control of our thoughts! Just sayin!


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