Just rest

You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me. I shiver in awe before you; your decisions leave me speechless with reverence. (Psalm 119:114)

Whenever we declare God to be our 'place', we are saying we are 'positioned' within him. We are not just in the region of him, but we are in close intimate contact with him. When I ask you over to my 'place', do you go to my neighbor's and declare you are 'at my place'? No, you come right up to my front door, ring the bell, or come right in because I have opened the door for you. We are 'placed into' Christ's presence and it is there we are to dwell as a quiet place of retreat from all this world demands of us.

I enjoy a quiet afternoon just kicking back and doing nothing from time to time. Why? It renews me a bit. It creates a calm within my life and it helps me unburden from the stuff that normally puts a weight upon my shoulders. Laundry done, floors vacuumed, bathrooms scrubbed, and trash in the bins - I kick back. I might listen to music, or catch up on a movie or two. Whatever it is I choose to do in 'my place' of quiet retreat, it is meant to renew me. Think of God's presence of such a retreat - a place of constant and much needed renewal.

Does renewal happen automatically just because we are in 'the right place'? I think we might expect it to, but there are times when the renewal process occurs in being open to discovery. Discovery means we are in a frame of mind to experience something new - what better thing to renew us than the Word of God. I know there is nothing 'new' in this good book we call the Bible, but I have never been disappointed in what is discovered within the pages as I begin to explore it with an open mind and heart. Being in the right 'place' with God means we are also going to receive from him what it is we need the most - truth that exposes any element of misguided trust in our lives.

His presence does more than renew - it regenerates so much that there is a new vigor produced. An excitement is created where truth is revealed - where the presence of God speaks into our lives. That 'thrill' of receiving his truth should truly leave us speechless with reverence. Too many times we get a little touch of his grace and a little insight into his truth and we go off without really relishing it as we should. Come into his place - get up close and personal with him. Then just relax there until his Word renews, regenerates, and reinvigorates your soul. Just restin!


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