Become the means...

Get out the message—God Rules! He put the world on a firm foundation; He treats everyone fair and square. (Psalm 96:10)

There are times when we have nothing to say and at others we are unable to keep our mouths shut at all. How is it we can have so much to say on one topic and nothing on another? I purposefully stopped listening to the news channels except for on occasion here and there. In fact, my BFF oftentimes has to tell me something catastrophic has happened because I have not 'heard the news'. Why did I stop listening? It was so much of the same negative stuff and I didn't need fill my mind with a million different 'takes' on why something happened the way it did. Give me the facts - lives were lost, pray for our nation and their families - leave it there! The news stations don't do that, though. They review time and time again the same clips, factoids, and the interviews until you can almost rehearse them ad nauseum. I'd rather get the word out that God Rules - period!

Lives have been lost and families will never be the same. Some families have been obliterated, never to have their name continue on this earth. Homes have been lost to major disasters and poorly constructed building sites. All this matters very deeply to Christ. It matters to me that hundreds and thousands will never be the same because of violence, tragic occurrences, and hateful intentions of some. Pray AGAINST the hate. Pray FOR the families and hurting among them. Pray AGAINST the evil. Pray FOR the truth to come to light and for it to bring healing. Pray AGAINST immoral. Pray FOR the righteousness of God to permeate this earth. This is our part - we may not have been part of the ugliness that has occurred, but we can lift up the name of Christ and pray hard against these things.

We don't need to rehearse the evil around us to feel the impact of that evil. We don't need to see the ugliness displayed time after time to understand the despair and agony of heart many are experiencing in this time of so much evil intent. We have Christ to guide our hearts into an 'active response' to the evil - prayer is only one way we fight against this evil. We also can do whatever part God may put on our hearts - such as to give of ourselves in service to those who need our help in order to heal from these difficult circumstances. Pray, act - do something! Rather than just watch the news - become the means by which the news changes! Just sayin!


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