Are you near-sighted?

 Don’t brashly announce what you’re going to do tomorrow; you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow. (Proverbs 27:1)

Gandhi reminded us that we are to "live as if we were to die tomorrow; learn as if we were to live forever". We can be certain of one thing - tomorrow is not promised to any living creature - it is a gift to receive each day we are given. I have a little harder question to pose that may not make fans of many of my followers, but here goes: What will you do with your today in order to make someone else's tomorrow better? I didn't ask what you would do today to make YOUR tomorrow better, but what will you do with TODAY in order to leave a bit of a legacy for someone else's tomorrow. 

I think we spend a whole lot of time today preparing for OUR tomorrow should we blessed to receive another day on this earth, but do we spend OUR time in a way that assures someone we may not even know will be receiving a better tomorrow - a blessing prepared today for reception tomorrow? It could be we give of our time at a local food bank, preparing the food boxes for those who will stand in need tomorrow. We could be giving of our time making lap blankets for the many elderly who sit long hours in their wheelchairs or recliners. We might find ourselves in the backyard shop, cutting out small toys for the homeless children in our area. It doesn't matter 'what' we do - it is that we are investing in someone else's tomorrow. 

If we aren't assured of any tomorrows, why do we spend so much time focusing on what our tomorrows will look like? If we are honest, we have become a little 'myopic' (a fancy word for being a little too 'near-sighted'). We focus a whole bunch on our future, but not as much figuring out a way to make another's tomorrow even greater than our own. I have to wear glasses because my physical eyes are near-sighted, but I don't want my heart to become near-sighted, so I have to guard against that happening! There are no 'corrective lenses' for a myopic heart - but there is grace! God doesn't just put a temporary 'fix' in place to 'correct' our heart's near-sighted condition. He uses grace to transform it! Just sayin!


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