Tripped up by my own feet

 God-friendship is for God-worshipers; They are the ones he confides in. If I keep my eyes on God, I won’t trip over my own feet. (Psalm 25:14-15)

To stumble while walking without having tripped over any obstacle in your path - how foolish is that? I have done it! It seems like I tripped over air. Down I went, stumbling like a rag doll until the ground met my body's impact. Looking back on those 'trips' I wonder how many times I trip over the things I don't see in life? Things in the spiritual world, in my subconscious, and even in my intellect. We can have many 'tripping points' in life, but there are probably none as problematic to us as those we cause ourselves.

Most of the times I have tripped over 'air' have been due to what I would label as 'distraction'. I was looking somewhere else, listening to someone else, or just caught up in daydreaming. Before I knew it, I was headed into the 'tripping moment'. Did I fall each time I stumbled? Nope, but I have fallen more times than I would like to admit! Do you know what a distraction really is? It is anything that brings a complication into your life. The main purpose of the distraction is to disturb us just enough that we get a little confusion about what it is about to happen.

No wonder God reminds us we need to keep our eyes squarely on him! He doesn't want anything to disturb our lives so much that it causes us to stumble around in confusion until we fail to remain upright in our choices. Distractions are meant to interfere with our lives - to interrupt the goodness and greatness of God in our lives for just a bit. IF we keep our eyes on Jesus - we won't get engrossed in the wrong stuff. IF we keep our eyes on Jesus - we won't get caught up in the things that agitate us in an unhealthy way. IF we keep our eyes on Jesus - we won't become preoccupied with things that offer empty reward. No other thing keeps us safer than 'focus' - when it is intently on God, his grace, and his purpose. Just sayin!


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