A small connection

I inherited your book on living; it’s mine forever— what a gift! And how happy it makes me! I concentrate on doing exactly what you say— I always have and always will. (Psalm 119:105)

What have you inherited in your lifetime? As a small child, my paternal grandmother passed and she left me her silverware, complete with a beautiful wood chest to store it in. It is that kind that you wouldn't use everyday, but it has such meaning because it was from someone I got to know only slightly. When my dad passed, some of his tools were incorporated into my tool-shop, but do you know what I treasure the most? His lapel pins! He had some that he had 'earned' as a certified life underwriter for a large insurance company and others he had 'earned' as a member of the military armed forces in Canada. Those are also in a special wood box - memories I will always cherish because they are a small connection with my dad. When mom passed, my home was filled with all kinds of treasures she had made in the ceramics shop when she was fully-sighted and able to do such things. These adorn the walls, and they create beauty in the soffits, but the one thing I cherish most is a pillow my daughter made for me from one of mom's favorite nightgowns. Soft and cuddly fleece, but most importantly - a connection with my mom. There is more than one Bible around my house - each from various times in my life when I felt like I needed to add a new one. Some were for studies in Bible College and others were just for enjoying the reading of the Word. These are also an inheritance - not really handed down to me from a human, but definitely handed down to me by God himself!

The Word of God is often overlooked as one of our greatest 'inheritances' because we don't realize how it helps us make a 'connection' with the one who has given it as our inheritance. It should mean more to us than just a book on a shelf - it should become a living and breathing part of our lives because that is what the giver intended when he gave us this gift! Today's blog is short and sweet - find that 'inheritance', dust it off a bit, and then 'make that connection' with the giver! At first, the connection may be small, but in time you will find the connection will grow until it begins to live inside of you as much as the memories of those who have gone on before you! Just sayin!


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