Ready for the hunt?

Whoever goes hunting for what is right and kind finds life itself—glorious life! (Proverbs 21:21)

I receive regular emails from our state Fish & Game department, allowing me to stay abreast of the stocking schedules. I also receive reminders about the various hunting seasons, although I am not a hunter. If you like to hunt, you know it is important to not only know when the season is about to open, but how urgent it is to prepare ahead of time. You must get drawn, acquire your tags, stock up the hunting equipment, and scout out the perfect spot to conduct the hunt. It takes some work, doesn't it? God asks for ALL of us to be 'spiritual hunters' - already having provided all we need to conduct the hunt. Our hunt is not for furry critters, but for what is right and kind. In other words, we set aside the pursuit of all that is wrong and impure, seeking only after what will bring glory and honor to God within our lives.

We 'hunt' for a lot of things in life - some more 'worthy' than others. The hunt is on for acceptance - desiring committed relationships. The hunt for appreciation is active in all of us - desiring to feel wanted, needed, and useful. The hunt for satisfaction keeps us moving in a certain path - based upon the hope we will find what will add 'value' into our lives. I know we all hunt, but do we always have successful hunts? If you know a hunter, they will tell you they can take all the right steps to prepare, get drawn for the hunt, have license and equipment in hand, and never see their desired target. Just being on the hunt doesn't ensure we will find what it is we are hunting.

When the 'hunt' is for righteousness and kindness, we are guaranteed we will hit the target each and every time. We may desire righteousness but have no idea how to 'prepare' for the hunt. We may desire kindness to be the mode of operation but find we aren't 'prepared' for the many unkind deeds we will face along the way. In both cases, the 'hunt' is successful when we are 'prepared' for what we will encounter in the 'hunt'. How do we prepare for finding righteousness revealed in our lives? We decide to daily seek God's wisdom and purpose for our lives. That means we make time for him a priority, not the last-minute choice of our day. Do you know how kindness is found? We extend it - even when it may not be deserved.

Prepare for the hunt and you won't be disappointed - this is God's 'guarantee' for those who seek him first. Notice God never says just bumble along and you will find what you are looking for. He asks us to 'be on the hunt' for righteousness and kindness in our lives. Active participation in this relationship with him is required. To passively engage with him is one thing, but to actively engage in relationship with him, making him the first priority of our day will yield a much bigger harvest of righteousness and kindness in our lives. Prepare for the hunt today. You might just be surprised how much easier it is to hit the 'target'. Just sayin!


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