Lipstick on a pig

Charm can fool you, and beauty can trick you, but a woman who respects the Lord should be praised. (Proverbs 31:30)

Ladies, I am going to share a bit with you today, but guys you will do well to consider these words, too. The godly woman bears one significant and constantly evident trait: She is in love with Jesus. She keeps him first - in tending to her family's needs, giving of herself within her church congregation, and even in just being a member of her community. A life surrendered to Christ gets noticed - because Christ shines through in every action of her life. 

A woman might feel a bit inferior because she doesn't dress as others who are 'more stylish' than she is, be married to a 'successful man', or even have a career others will 'admire and praise'. Let me be the first to acknowledge - there is no 'successful man' in my life other than the Lord Jesus himself. I don't wear the most stylish of clothing, following the latest trends - but I am adorned with the garments of salvation provided by my dear Savior. I am retired from my 'career' - but it never 'made me' what I am - only Christ did that.

Charm and beauty are deceptive, indeed. We can put a whole lot of effort into what we 'display' on the outside but be kind of 'lacking' on the inside. The greatest beauty is displayed in the kindness of our actions, the dedication of our heart, and the gifts of God's Spirit coming through in all we say and do. We may want to focus on the outward - having the nice clothes, fancy car, and even the 'right man', but if we neglect our time with Jesus, exploration of the Word of God, and fellowship with other believers, we are just 'putting lipstick on a pig'. Just sayin!


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