Live in the moment

Don’t brashly announce what you’re going to do tomorrow; you don’t know the first thing about tomorrow. (Proverbs 17:1)

I wonder just how many of us actually gamble on our future? We go through each day, making plans for the future, but not really living for today. While I am a big proponent of 'saving for a rainy day', and being prepared for unexpected expenses, I also know we are not assured of our tomorrows. Maybe that is why I ask God to show me how to live each day, where I can make an impact today, and how it is I can use what he has given me for his glory. I want my 'today' to count! How about you?

Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever. (Mahatma Gandi) If we are 'in Christ', we are going to live forever, but maybe not in this 'lifetime'. Live as though we were to die tomorrow - not with the attitude of a million tomorrows, but with the attitude of making the most of each day. Redeem the time - you are not guaranteed more of it! If you were to learn to live each day under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, how much differently would your day proceed?

You would likely still make the coffee, read the paper, and go about some form of a routine. If you were really living under the tutelage and guidance of God's Spirit within, you might find what you planned for today doesn't 'pan out' quite as you expected. God's Spirit may just provide a few 'interruptions' in your plans! I have seen it on many occasions in my own life - thinking I was going to do this or that - then sensing I was to let those plans go in pursuit of something quite different.

What we do with those 'urgings' of the Spirit of God makes all the difference. It could be your obedience to lay down your agenda and take up his will make the difference in the life of another. It could be that you are in the right place at the right time with the right intervention to make the life of another a little more blessed. Wouldn't it be wonderful to live each day in this manner? We can - but we have to be willing to live in the moment just a bit more. Just sayin!


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