Those who go to God Most High for safety will be protected by the Almighty. (Psalm 91:1)

Do you know how you get God's protection in your life? You GO to him. You take your worries and pressures TO him. Too many of us think he knows this stuff already and just expect he will 'fix it' without us having to do anything. God's plan is that we acknowledge these needs actually exist and then we allow him to be our protector. Yes, God does indeed know your struggles, anxiety-producing moments, and even your worries that have absolutely no basis. He knows everything, so why does he ask us to GO to him for his safe protection? There is something powerful in 'taking' our 'stuff' to him. At first, it may be hard to understand, but it is an acknowledgement that we realize his love for us.

Yup, when we GO TO him, placing ourselves clearly under his protection and care, we are acknowledging an awareness of his love. More than that, we are acknowledging our recognition of who it is that should actually handle all that stuff in the first place! I have to ask the obvious question, though. If we DON'T take those things to him, do we 'negate' or 'lessen' his love? It is impossible to negate God's love, but there is something that happens within US when we GO to him. It isn't that his love grows - it is already fully developed toward us. It is that we begin to understand just how far that divine love reaches on our behalf. We have probably perfected a few 'go to' things or places in our lives. Some 'go to' a trusted friend, unloading burden after burden upon them. Some 'go to' a bottle, hoping their worries will be carried away by the liquid within. Some 'go to' their favorite genre on their streaming service, binging long enough that they are no longer thinking upon their worries.

GO TO God - these are the instructions we are given. The result - we are under the protection of the MOST HIGH God. What we seek in GOING - protection. Sometimes the protection we need is from the silly notion that God isn't going to care about our trivial need, or that we can handle the small stuff on our own. If you look at the passage again, there are no qualifiers to what we bring to him - the only qualifier is THAT WE BRING ourselves to him. To GO TO one has to leave behind where they have been. That indicates an exchange of some sorts. GOING TO means we are actually acknowledging that we desire God to be our means of protection - even when we know the problem may be small and that we could probably fix it on our own. If we want the best for our lives, we GO TO God with everything - even the stuff we think we have figured out on our own. Most of the time God simply gives us the 'nod' and we go about 'fixing' the problem with the solution we have already figured out. There are times when all God wants is for us to acknowledge that we want to remain fully under his protection even when we are doing what we know needs to be done. Just sayin!


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