Humble enough to ask

God blesses those who are poor and realize their need for him, for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs. (Matthew 5:2)

Many believe to be 'poor' is to be without money, goods, or even the means by which to obtain these. There is a deeper meaning in the original Greek language we sometimes miss - (Ptochos - Gk) to be spiritually poor, humble, and devout. In the original language, it carries the meaning of being humble in one's attitude. It is indeed a character trait we each need to have 'worked into' our lives. It does not usually come naturally to any of us - we tend to be a bit too 'self-centered' in our own nature. When God's nature begins to take hold within any believer who has said 'yes' to Jesus, there is a change in how one views self and others - a good change!

What does 'being humble in one's attitude' look like? We come into this world, each of us 'spiritually poor' - we don't possess any means by which to atone for our sins - something we need since all are born with a sin nature. When it comes to approaching God, we have to come to a place where we recognize the extreme poverty of spirit we actually have when is Spirit does not fill that 'empty space' within us designed specifically for him. Spiritual emptiness is likely the meaning of this passage - God rewards those who recognize their spiritual emptiness and come to him to be filled.

What makes the poor or beggar so unique in scripture? They are never too proud to ask for what it is they have need of. I think this is what Jesus was telling each of us as he preached this sermon that day - we all need to be humble enough to ask for what it is we most need at this moment. If you are anything like me, there have been moments when you wanted to ask, but you were too stubborn or proud to ask. Why? Who really knows, but somehow, and oftentimes without reason, we convinced ourselves that 'asking' was not going to 'work'. When we finally came to the place to ask, we found our need met. 

Don't be surprised to find that you 'every' need matters to God. It isn't just the 'big stuff', or the 'spiritual stuff' that matters. We want to believe these things take priority, but God has a different 'system' of determining what takes priority in our lives most of the time. All he asks is that we be humble enough to ask - then leave the rest to him. Just sayin!


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