Life Hack #25: Turn Here

Life Hack #25:

According to Webster, a crisis is a "turning point" in a set of circumstances where the future outcome is determined. The point of crisis in any issue we face is pivotal to where we will end up - it is not 'pre-determined' for it to end one way. Understanding how to hold up in the midst of the "point of turning" can be the most important part of actually making it through. Most of us just think of a crisis as something ugly happening to us at the moment and it is a little difficult to endure. If we begin to see it as a "turning point", we might just handle it differently. We might just decide we don't like what is determined and embrace a different path back into the arms of Jesus!

If you fall to pieces in a crisis, there wasn’t much to you in the first place. (Proverbs 24:10)

In times of crises the things we focus on make all the difference. If all we see is the insurmountable odds against us, we will tend to see only the difficulties and ignore the possibilities. Even insurmountable odds have possibilities. We think of crisis as a point of instability in our lives - when things are just about to cave in around us and take us down with them. The upheaval created in the midst of crisis is sometimes what keeps us from being able to focus on anything other than the issues at hand.

For a crisis to be a "turning point" in our lives, we must begin to take a step back from the issue, just breathe a little, and then settle into the peace God. In turn, we begin to focus less on the upheaval and turn our focus toward the point where victory is determined - Jesus holds the future, so he determines the victory. When we are able to step back a little, we get things in perspective. God's perspective is found at the point of stepping back - bringing a little clarity in the midst of a whole lot of muck and mire.

A turning point is a place where we actually slow down, consider the direction we are heading, and then take the necessary steps to reposition ourselves in a totally new direction. Many of life's challenges come complete with some form of "signs" which we must either heed or we will find ourselves going in a totally wrong direction. Learning how to read the signs before we actually need to take the "redirection" needed actually helps us to be ready for the necessary repositioning of our steps. We actually learn to read the signs long before we set out on the journey, don't we? 

We learn about dealing with the uncertainties of these challenges in the quiet times of our lives when we are able to hear and incorporate learning best. Trying to figure out the signs and how to read the road map while barreling ahead at life's fast pace is not the best methodology for getting safely to the destination! Time with Jesus is not done out of obligation, but out of necessity - for it is in this quietness and connection where we learn to read the "turning points" in our lives. Learn to see "crises" as turning points to help steer our lives in a direction which will bring growth and increased wisdom. As long as we are with Jesus in this journey, each turning point can be just that! Just sayin!


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