Bigness isn't a draw

 God wasn’t attracted to you and didn’t choose you because you were big and important—the fact is, there was almost nothing to you. He did it out of sheer love... (Deuteronomy 7:9)

How many times do we get 'big heads' about ourselves, thinking we are all kinds of 'bigness' and 'greatness' because of something we do? Some of us more than others, but we can all fall prey to this 'pride' thing once in a while. God isn't 'attracted' to our 'bigness' or 'importance' - whether real or imagined! He is attracted to US - as we are, with all our quirks and hangups. It is not what we 'do' or 'accomplish' or 'amass' that makes us 'big' in his eyes. He loves us in spite of all those things!

Truly, there is almost 'nothing to us' when God draws us toward his heart and asks us to give him control of our lives. We might have 'done' all kinds of important things in our lives, but it is the frailty of our souls and emptiness of our spirit that he sees first and foremost, and he draws us into his arms because of this insane emptiness. We might not understand how anyone can just 'do something for us' out of sheer love (unconditional, without us having to do anything to earn it), but this is how he operates - freely giving exactly what we need.

For those who are still considering themselves unworthy of such a great love, stop believing that lie. It comes straight from the pit of hell! God's love transcends our 'doing' (even the messed-up actions of our past or present) and reaches into our lives with unconditional redeeming grace. We might not 'feel' his grace today, but we can trust that his grace is at work making us whole and strong - replacing our imagined 'goodness' and 'bigness' with his goodness. In time, we will begin to 'feel' the evidence of his grace in our lives, but what is required of us right now is to just trust he is at work because he loves us enough to set things right in us.

It is not unusual to feel 'unworthy' of such 'benevolence'. Grace isn't earned, and some might not understand how so much 'good' can just be given so freely to someone who has done nothing to deserve or earn it. God's love is kind of insane - it just gives and gives and gives. We have to trust his heart if we are ever to be whole in our own. Just sayin!


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