Small ways, but big memories

Cherish all your happy moments; they make a fine cushion for old age. (Booth Tarkington) 

We all have those moments that have just made an impact on us - times we will never forget. How many of us can say we have 'been' the moment? Good people - going about doing good actions - will be remembered as a blessing in this lifetime and in the long term. Why? Their lives made a positive impact. We want to be the kind of people who make a positive impact on those we are around.

Good people will be remembered as a blessing, but evil people will soon be forgotten. (Proverbs 10:7)

We might want all our actions to add up to making a positive impact, but we would be fooling ourselves to think ALL our actions actually will be remembered. Unfortunately, many times what gets remembered are the 'big' ones - those overt, out-there, bigger than life actions. God's plan isn't for the 'big' ones to be our hallmark, though. It is for the consistency of the small ones all added up that create the impact in ways we may not even see. 

At mom's funeral, I recall the words of the visitation pastor who frequently came to see mom over the last year of her life. His words reflected how 'gracious', 'generous', and 'kind' my mom actually was - in small, very consistent ways. He reflected upon how she always made anyone feel welcomed, how easily she'd talk with others and how she always made their visit special. He commented about how he came to be a blessing to her, but how he always felt blessed in some way by her.

We might think it takes 'big actions' to make a 'big impact' on others, but I think God wants us to challenge that perception today. Small, consistent actions that stem from a loving heart mean way more than those 'big ones'. As we align our heart with God's heart, we will find our actions become more consistent with his. We begin to act graciously, give generously, and respond in kindness one toward another. Small, consistent steps - that is God's plan. We need to be a blessing - in the small ways that all add up to 'big memories'. Just sayin!


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