Get truth...

Get the truth and never sell it; also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment. (Proverbs 23:23) 

We might think wisdom comes just because we have found truth, but truth must be embraced if it is ever to 'translate' into wisdom. Wisdom is the knowledge of what is true and right, but it is always coupled with the 'right judgment' that leads to correct actions. Some will call this 'understanding' - truth embraced brings an understanding as to what actions are worth pursuing and those we should just walk away from.

Discipline is what comes when one has been trained. The truth will require certain actions of us and with repetition of those correct actions, we develop discipline. Discipline actually 'improves' our lives. It takes truth to open the door to our understanding, but it takes discipline to actually bring a consistency of 'right actions' into our lives. Experience through adversity is one way of developing discipline, but I prefer to embrace truth, grace, and God's love, allowing those to fashion my inner man.

Good judgment is the outcome of wisdom and discipline. The more we appreciate and understand what God tells us in his Word, the more we want to have the discipline developed within us that produces consistent obedience in our lives - good judgment being paramount to knowing when the 'wrong person' is in control of our actions! When we take the lead, allowing ourselves to just 'coast along' because all seems to be going well, we are lulled into a place of poor judgment many times.

Get truth - allow it to begin to move upon your heart - then see if it doesn't lead to wiser choices, consistent actions, and better judgment in your life. You might just notice that you are more aware of when to act, how to take action, and how those actions will affect not only you, but others around you. Isn't this what we all need? Just askin...


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