You ready?

God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. (Psalm 46:1)

Have you ever needed to take refuge in the midst of a storm? How about in the midst of a huge battle? Growing up in Arizona, monsoon season hits each summer, bringing these huge winds, walls of dust for miles and miles, and some pretty terrifying thunder and lightning to boot. As a wee lass, I would feel the winds picking up, but I would play on because nothing could distract me from my play. Then all of a sudden, the skies would rumble and roar, and that peace I had felt was no more! I'd call out for mom, run quickly to the fence line between my friend's home and ours, standing there waiting. Waiting for what? For those 'rescuing arms' of mom's that would reach over that fence to lift me to safety. As soon as she had me safely over the fence, all was well, for I knew I was going to be 'sheltered' from the worst of the storm and safe in her care.

I wonder how many times we find ourselves in the midst of the winds, sensing that things are about to change big time, but still finding ourselves content to just remain where we are, going about whatever holds our interest so dearly, until something 'bigger' awakens us to the imminent danger approaching. In instant things change, going from okay to freaky in the blink of an eye. What only gave us mild 'concern' is now a full-fledged storm, and we are right there in the midst of it all. We can be 'undone' by the storms of life or the battles that rage around us, can't we? In those moments where we find ourselves in need of a refuge, do we call out? Do we move away from what has distracted us up to that point and move toward who it is we will find our safety within? God's arms are stronger than mom's ever were, but we might just have to reach out for them if we want to experience that refuge.

Two things we need to keep in mind. First, we have to leave whatever it is that has us distracted in the midst of the storm or battle. We must put ourselves in a state of mind that is aware of the dangers approaching. That could very well mean we have to stop, get focused, and then respond to whatever the dangers are that are fast approaching. Second, we have to put ourselves in a position to be 'helped' in the midst of the mess we are in. I moved away from the pile of cars and twigs toward the fence, but that wasn't the only move I made. I would stand there with my arms outstretched in anticipation of mom's arms coming to my rescue. We might call out, but do we always move away from the distractions and toward the one who wants to be our refuge? We might call out, get a little nearer to his help, but are we ready to find refuge - reaching out to take hold of what God has prepared for us? Just askin!


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