A melding process

Because of the miraculous signs Jesus did in Jerusalem at the Passover celebration, many began to trust in him. But Jesus didn’t trust them, because he knew all about people. No one needed to tell him about human nature, for he knew what was in each person’s heart. (John 3:23-25) Have you ever been guilty of acting one way, but 'feeling' totally different than you were acting? It is like the little kid that sits down because he is told to, but everything inside of him is 'standing up'! Many believed Jesus just because they saw the miracles - the good stuff attracted them to him. Yet, despite the overwhelming proof that he was 'no ordinary carpenter guy', they didn't place their 'trust' in him. Is it possible we can 'see' and not 'believe'. The old adage that 'seeing is believing' may not be 100% accurate - many see, far fewer believe!

As a matter of fact, Jesus would show himself 'post resurrection' to some who didn't believe until they saw. Thomas was among the "I need to see it myself" kind of guys. He followed Jesus throughout his entire ministry on this earth, but still needed to 'see' before he could fully 'believe' in his heart. There was a guy in the Old Testament (Gideon) who told God he'd 'step out in faith' if God met two 'tests' - no dew on the fleece he left spread outside one night, dew all around on the ground and then dew on the fleece, but no dew on the ground around it. We 'see', but we don't always believe! We ask for 'proof' time and time again, don't we? It is a very good thing that God isn't put off by our failure to trust him when the 'proof' is right there before our eyes.

Trust seems to be an elusive thing for some of us - it is like we cannot trust 'fully' until we can 'fully appreciate' what is right there in front of us. We need to 'understand it' before we will trust it. Truth is truth, but somehow, we make it less than truth until we can manage to wrap our heads around it. Looking back at our passage again, we might find just a bit of encouragement there because it says, '...many BEGAN to trust in him.' Trust may not come 'immediately' and 'fully' but require a bit of time in order for us to fully be 'persuaded' and 'come to full faith'. In the time between 'seeing' and 'believing' or 'hearing' and 'trusting', a lot happens at the core of our thoughts, emotions, and spirit.

Our emotions sometimes need to be 'melded together' with our thoughts - for we can 'think' one thing, but our emotions can be all over the place. God speaks to our spirit - knowing our thoughts and emotions will somehow catch up! He knows us - how we are made, what helps us understand truth, and when we are most open to receiving it. We can go through life 'seeing' all manner of truth, but when our spirit begins to interact with truth, our lives are changed. God isn't after 'gawkers' - he is after followers. Those who will commit to the journey, press in when it gets rough, and allow truth to 'meld' our spirit, mind, and emotions. Trust is 'formed' when the 'melding' process is allowed to be completed. Just sayin!


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