What can you do?

We all have those moments when Jesus doesn't 'give us what we want', don't we? The people following Jesus this day were intent on him showing them a miraculous sign of some sort. While they didn't stipulate the exact sign, they wanted one as 'grand' as the manna that came down from heaven in the wilderness and they are so bold as to say so. Jesus told them if they wanted to perform 'God's works', then they would believe in him. Their response - show us something 'more grandiose' and 'amazing'. Gotta ask, but what is more amazing than the God of the Universe standing right there in your midst?

They replied, “We want to perform God’s works, too. What should we do?” Jesus told them, “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.” They answered, “Show us a miraculous sign if you want us to believe in you. What can you do? (John 6:28-29)

If you want us to believe in you, show us what you can do! Heartbreaking words to the ears of our Savior, I am sure, but he is gracious and goes on to tell them that he is the bread of life, even better than the manna that fell from the skies in the wilderness. “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again. Whoever believes in me will never be thirsty. But you haven’t believed in me even though you have seen me. However, those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will never reject them. For I have come down from heaven to do the will of God who sent me, not to do my own will. And this is the will of God, that I should not lose even one of all those he has given me, but that I should raise them up at the last day. For it is my Father’s will that all who see his Son and believe in him should have eternal life. I will raise them up at the last day.” (vs. 35-40)

You have seen, but you have yet to believe. Isn't that a bit like each of us sometimes? We have seen God work in our lives numerous times, but when the evidence is right there before us, we actually miss what he is doing or has done. Seeing isn't always believing, is it? If we come to Jesus with an open heart - even a questioning and seeking heart - he will not reject us. We might not even be all that 'sure' about him, but if we just come, he will do the rest. The truth is we don't need another 'sign' or 'wonder' - we just need to believe he is the one he says he is, that he will do what he promises, and then trust him to welcome us with open arms.

Too many are seeking a 'performance' - God isn't always going to be evident in what he is doing. He asks us to believe - to have a conviction of heart and mind that trusts. Take him at his word - for his actions follow. Just sayin!


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