Pursuit requires intent

Whoever pursues righteousness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor. (Proverbs 20:20)

What are your pursuits? We each have something we are particularly interested in, like a hobby, career path, or even a favorite thing to watch on TV. I don't particularly have a passion for the news, but I like to be informed. It is not a pursuits for me, just an interest from time to time. I can even go days without watching any. Miss one day in the Word of God and I feel a bit deflated, without energy, and even a bit disoriented in my activities. Why? It is a lifeline for me! How about you?

Pursue righteousness and unfailing love. We might say this is a call to pursue Jesus as he personified right living for us and he definitely showed all of us his unfailing love. In pursuing Jesus, we find life, right standing with God the Father, and we receive a tremendous place of honor - a child of God. What more could we hope to gain in any pursuit in life? 

Pursuit is intentional. It is directed toward something or someone. Where is you attention directed today? If you can answer that one honestly, you might be surprised to find your 'pursuit' is a little wobbly at times. It is even without focus or intent. What happened? We got off-course, with out eyes and minds caught up in things around us that really shouldn't have been out main focus. When this happens, it is not uncommon to feel less than 'focused' and a bit adrift.

Intentional pursuit is the call for today. What will you put your time and energies into today? Will they be spent as Christ directs, or will they be all over the board? Will they be to engage in the things that build up, refresh, and restore our mind, body, and emotions? If not, perhaps we should reconsider some of those pursuits and get a bit of alone time with Jesus. It is never too late to start that day the right way! Just sayin!


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