Pulling those ears?

Interfering in some else’s argument is as foolish as yanking a dog’s ears. (Proverbs 26:17)

If you have ever caught yourself ‘putting in your two cent’s worth’ in the middle of some else’s disagreement with someone, you know how quickly that might have backfired. You just thought you were ‘helping’, but somehow the disagreement just got worse, or the tables changed, and you became the focus of the issue. Not a pleasant place to find oneself. Much better to remain silent, lift a few prayers for each to see wisdom in the matter, and allow God to intervene – not you!

Arguments happen, but we don’t have to act as the arbitrator for all of them. Sometimes the other parties just need to work it out themselves – more being learned in the ‘working it out process’ than if you shut it down with your advice or meddling. Most of the ‘learning’ that comes when two people disagree comes when each one examines their own heart and finds any place where they might have been ‘at fault’. Arguments are rarely deemed ‘no fault’, but it is not uncommon to want to ‘find fault’ with the ‘other guy’ in the disagreement.

If there is an important reason for us to be involved, God will make it clear. Prying into the affairs of others is always deemed unwise unless God leads. Wise people don’t intrude into the conflicts of another. Intervening when someone is being grossly attacked or abused might be okay, but the everyday conflicts that occur within relationships rarely require our intervention unless they are our own conflicts! Beware of ‘butting in’ where you are uninvited. It will always backfire on you! Just sayin!


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