Surprised by God

O Lord, if you heal me, I will be truly healed; if you save me, I will be truly saved. My praises are for you alone! (Jeremiah 17:14)

God does nothing 'half-way' - he takes everything to completion. It may not be in our timing, on whatever terms we imagined in our minds, or even as someone else might think God should be working in our lives. He comes through each and every time - sometimes with blessing beyond measure, and sometimes with correction that is much needed. What he heals, he does unto completion. When God begins to work on an area of your life, don't be surprised when he continues to work time and time again until the mission is complete!

God's work in our lives is sometimes slower than we'd like, and he focuses on areas that we might have thought he was through with a long, long time ago. All of a sudden, he begins to speak to you about that area and you almost take a sudden deep breath as though you were surprised to find him tackling that issue once again. You actually knew it was 'better' than it had been before, but if you were honest with God and yourself, you knew he hadn't completed the work yet. So, he is back at it again - asking you to reveal a bit more, bringing things to the surface you had thought were finally gone, and then he sets out to complete what he began.

Why? We weren't ready for the completion of the work he began at that earlier point - we needed to 'adapt' to the change he began and get that 'settled' in our lives before he could do a bit more. When God 'begins again', it isn't because he didn't do a 'good job' the first time he spoke to us about what needed his healing, it is because we weren't ready for the depth of his work quite yet. It takes time for us to come to the place of obedience sometimes and God doesn't rush to 'push his will' on us. He gives us time to adjust to his will and find peace with his work within us. Then he works a bit more until the mission is complete. Healing isn't immediate - those are miracles. Healing is intermittent and consistent. When God begins 'again' what you thought was 'done' already, just go with it. He has much more for you! Just sayin!


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