The walls are necessary

My victory and honor come from God alone. He is my refuge, a rock where no enemy can reach me. (Psalm 62:7)

While attacks will come, there is no greater way to settle our emotions than to remember God is our immediate and long-term refuge. The most important thing we can remember when under attack by the enemy of our souls is that NO enemy can reach us when we seek refuge in him. We aren't going to avoid attack, but we don't have to face it without protection! I have been high up in the mountains, enjoying the serenity of a cool stream and stirring sounds of nature, all the while 'out of reach' to anyone. The cell towers just don't reach those remote places yet! God's protection is more than 'being out of contact', though. It is a definite 'place' of protection. The walled cities of olden days are no longer, but there was a lesson to be learned there. Those walls actually provided protection from whatever was on the outside trying to get in. We might need to do a better job of setting up our defenses so what is 'outside' our lives that is 'trying to get in' isn't successful. We do that by developing this deep, intimate relationship with Jesus.

An outsider could have found 'protection' within the walls of the fortified cities, but they didn't 'live there'. They didn't enjoy the security of knowing their defenses were in place all year round. They just found themselves in the right place and the right time. God wants more for us than to find ourselves in the right place at the right time, though. He wants us to learn to dwell within the protection of his presence, purpose, and provision. Those walls protected more than the people - they also protected the stored food, housing, and livestock. They were meant to 'keep secure' all that was inside them. God's intent is to 'keep secure' all who seek refuge in him. That means we run to him in times of trouble, but also that we find ourselves abiding there when all is well within our lives. The walls were there in good times and bad. The attack may not be immanent in our lives today, but we want to be sure we are right where we need to be to enjoy the highest degree of defensive protection when it does come. Just sayin!


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