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A position of power

I come to you for protection, O Lord my God. Save me from my persecutors—rescue me! If you don’t, they will maul me like a lion, tearing me to pieces with no one to rescue me. (Psalm 7:1-2) We began to look at the power of a truly 'defensible position' yesterday - the best of all being 'in Christ'. As we examine the need for a defensible position, we might find there are a number of reasons we would cry out to God for a place of refuge. Perhaps one of the reasons we seek a refuge is because of the slander and gossip of others around us. We might not realize the damage of gossip and the destruction to the reputation whenever someone sets out to slander and individual. We could be on either side of that coin - the one being gossiped about, or the one engaging in the gossip. The first needs a defensible position - a place of protection and refuge; the latter needs a 'come to Jesus' meeting! David was not without his share of both. In fact, he had people who would

A back fence moment

Who doesn't love a juicy piece of gossip? The water cooler used to be the place of 'gossip-gatherers' in the work place, the back fence the ones housewives would gather at after hanging the laundry out to dry, and school playground for those a little younger. Has much changed? We may not have 'water coolers', back fences, and spend very little time on the playground anymore, but we have other ways to share those 'juicy tidbits', don't we? I think God may have placed so many warnings in scripture about speaking against another person, gossip, and the like, simply because of the tiny spark of gossip that it takes to ignite a huge fire that can damage a reputation! Truth be told, we all need to deal with the words we speak about others. “ You must not testify falsely against your neighbor ." (Exodus 20:16) "No lies about your neighbor." Seems like a simple 'rule' to live by, but just try living it out when you are caught up in the fr

Beware of the Dog!

If you have ever found yourself getting into the middle of someone else's argument, then you know how messed up things can become for YOU in just a short period of time!  What started out as an innocent concern for someone else's well-being ended up becoming quite a mess for you to mop up in your own life!  How do we get wrapped up in these things?  Well, if we were to be totally honest, most of us haven't really gotten past our tendency to want to "be in the know" about stuff, so we meddle!  Meddlers pay the price - often with a little skin off their own backsides!  Meddling is just a polite word for saying we like to get the scoop, or have something to gossip about.  In fact, this burning desire to either be in the middle of the situation, or to have the hair-brained idea that we know how to solve the issue we don't even own is what propels us forward even when common sense is telling us to stay away! Perhaps it is time to consider just how much extra strif

Fullness in the emptiest of places

I came across a quote the other day which kind of made me take a moment to contemplate what the author must have meant when the words were penned. The origin of the quote is unknown, but it states, "Life is like a flute.  It may have many holes and emptiness, but if you work on it carefully, it can play magical melodies."  I would like to point out it is not the work "I" do on my life which produces the melodies which are pleasing to the hearer, but the works "GOD" does in my life!  He is the only one capable of bringing melodies out of our empty places, not by "plugging the holes", but by covering them with his grace and love.   I will always show you where to go.    I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places— firm muscles, strong bones. (Isaiah 58:11 MSG) To be fair, I cannot pick this passage out of Isaiah to stand all by itself without giving you the preceding couple of verses.  They outline some "conditions" God outlin

Under Construction?

Rumor:  Something put into general circulation without confirmation.   Considering the above definition, do you wonder how so much stuff gets into general circulation without someone taking the time or effort to confirm it?  I think it is probably more than we realize.  Everyone wants to "out-scoop" the next guy.  Someone has to be "first" with the "big story" - not just on TV news, but also in real life day-to-day interactions.  People just want to be "in the know" about the other guy. Rumors are dainty morsels  that sink deep into one’s heart.  (Proverbs 26:22 NLT) Mom always used to teach, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, don't say anything at all."  Sound advice, but I think many folks operate more on the "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, I am all ears"!  Did you ever stop to consider that almost no one gossips or spreads rumors about someone's good virtues?

A lesson from Alice

 The godless spread lies about me,  but I focus my attention on what you are saying; t hey're bland as a bucket of lard,  while I dance to the tune of your revelation.  (Psalm 119:69-70 The Message) I read a post from one of my Facebook friends this week.  It seemed like she was facing some challenges with a fellow believer speaking unkindly about her in the circle of friends they kept together.  Here's her post:  "Remember, if they talk about someone else they are going to do the same about you...we all have quirks, sins and what have you..."  Right in the middle of the post, she states a pretty awesome truth:  "I am learning to work around those things in people."  The post ends with some simple words:  "Faced with a Christian friend that has the gift of gab when it comes to people." She could not have put it better - - we need to learn to work around the things in people that give us cause to pause!  Thanks Alice!  Your words are sound advice!

Just like a good neighbor...

And those who think they know so much,  ignoring everything you tell them—let them have it!   Don't let them mock and humiliate me;  I've been careful to do just what you said.  While bad neighbors maliciously gossip about me,  I'm absorbed in pondering your wise counsel.   Yes, your sayings on life are what give me delight;  I listen to them as to good neighbors! (Psalm 119:21-24 The Message) As we continue on with our study in Psalm 119, we find that David makes a little deviation from his "positive" focus!  He actually asks God to "get" his enemies!  It is kind of like saying, "Sick 'em!" to a dog!  He is obviously a little frustrated with his "supposed" friends - those he has kept company with, and maybe some he just knows as acquaintances.  They are engaged in gossip against him - picking him apart.   David continues with his customary "condition - result" way of framing his thoughts.  Here's the condition:  

Loose Lips Sink Ships

20  Don't bad-mouth your leaders, not even under your breath,     And don't abuse your betters, even in the privacy of your home.     Loose talk has a way of getting picked up and spread around.     Little birds drop the crumbs of your gossip far and wide. (Ecclesiastes 10:20 The Message) During World War II posters hung in theaters, grocers, and around town where everyone could see them, announcing the message that "Loose lips sink ships".  The idea was that you might never know who your true enemy is - even a slight "dropping" of a little information here or there could mean tragedy in the battle being fought.  The exact meaning was that "unguarded" talk could cost lives!   Mom taught me that "if you cannot say something good about someone, don't say anything at all."  Ummm...truth is, if I had heeded that message, I'd have said a WHOLE lot less in life!  The fact is, it is easy to get caught up in the "talk" of